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Farzaa – Multipurpose eCommerce React JS Template.

Farzaa – Multipurpose eCommerce React JS Template is a versatile and flexible JS, Bootstrap eCommerce Template. The multipurpose eCommerce React JS template, is an influential tool for crafting a professional and visually captivating online store. With the well-designed multipurpose eCommerce React JS template, you can effortlessly and swiftly construct an eCommerce website that not only exhibits remarkable aesthetics but also operates seamlessly. These multipurpose eCommerce React JS templates furnish the fundamental structure and arrangement for your online store, mega stores like door stores, jewelry stores and cake stores encompassing pages for product listings, shopping carts, checkout processes, and much more. Whether you’re commencing your eCommerce business venture or seeking to renovate your current website, the multipurpose eCommerce React JS template serves as an invaluable resource for establishing a first-rate online store that caters to your distinct requirements.

Farzaa, the multipurpose eCommerce React JS template, is highly customizable, exhibiting impeccable adaptability on tablets and mobile devices. Incorporating the finest web development practices, this multipurpose eCommerce React JS template empowers you to fabricate a phenomenal website layout based on Bootstrap or Grid 1460px.

Features Overview

  • React JS Library:

    React is a JavaScript library that empowers developers to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces for web applications. It provides a structured approach to designing UI components and managing the way data is displayed and updated on websites. With React, developers can build reusable, efficient, and modular user interface elements, making it a powerful tool for crafting engaging web experiences.
  • Vite JS CLI:

    Vite is a fast and lightweight development build tool and server, perfect for rapidly developing React applications. It offers quick startup times and smooth integration with React, streamlining the development process and enhancing productivity when building React-based web applications.
  • Bootstrap 5.x Framework:

    Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
  • Clean Code:

    Farzaa template coded with beautiful and clean codes! Some powerful React JS functional component files 100% valid ES6 standards.
  • Detailed documentation:

    Extensive documentation plus great video guides on how to setup and customize Trucking will make your customizations super easy and fast!
  • Touch Friendly:

    Easy browsing on touch devices.
  • Responsive & retina ready :

    Look of your website on mobile devices is very important these days. So we made sure Farzaa looks great both on mobile, desktop and retina screens!
  • Cross browser compatibility:

    Farzaa looks great among all major browsers including IE9+.
  • Lifetime Updates and User Support :

    Each purchase of the eCommerce Template guarantees you lifetime access to future Template updates at no extra cost. You also get six months of user support with the option of extending this period should you wish.

Full Features List

  • Built using Vite JS CLI
  • Built using React Js v.18
  • Based on Bootstrap 5.x
  • 100% Responsive
  • 3+ Home Pages
  • 10+ Inner Pages
  • 3+ Header Variation
  • 3+ Footer Variation
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Google Fonts
  • Valid ES6 / CSS3
  • Image background
  • Easy to customize
  • Flexible and multi-purpose
  • JS & CSS &
  • Amazing 5 stars support
  • Detailed documentation

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