10 Best Anonymous VPS Hosting

Here you will find the best anonymous VPS hosting. These companies do not require any personal information from you, and your website cannot be linked to you personally.

In most cases, these are also located offshore. This means you can upload virtually any content (even if it is illegal in your country).

All of these VPS servers accept Bitcoin and, in most cases, other cryptocurrencies. This also eliminates any payment trails.

I compiled the list using the following criteria:

  • Anonymous registrations.
  • Offshore jurisdiction
  • Offshore server location choices.
  • Payment anonymity
  • Live-chat availability, speed, and quality of help.
  • Server features Speed, Free migrations, DDoS protection, etc.
  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • Pricing, obviously.
  • And refund policies.

Basically, if you believe these are the right factors to consider, this list will get you a VPS that is completely anonymous while also being fast, secure, and capable of handling your traffic requirements.

In a hurry? Look at the quick picks of the best anonymous VPS Hosting Providers of 2024 at a glance.

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Namecheap Anonymous VPS Hosting

Namecheap is arguably the most well-known brand in the hosting industry as a whole. Obviously, it deserves to be at the top of the list of the best anonymous VPS hosting providers.

In fact, I’ve been using Namecheap for one of my projects for the past two years and have been very pleased.

It’s also fairly anonymous, as no personal information is required to sign up. Although the form appears to be personal, it is permissible to enter random data instead of real details.

It accepts Bitcoin payments. You can load funds into your Namecheap wallet and use them to purchase anonymous VPS hosting.

The only reason I didn’t include Namecheap earlier is that it is based in the United States, which is where your server will be hosted. As a result, the content isn’t particularly “liberal.” However, as long as you’re not breaking any laws, it’s almost always the best, most professional option.

The platform offers a live chat service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also provide free website migration and root access on all of their servers. Paid add-ons for server management and changes are also available.

Plans begin at less than $7.82 per month. Any dissatisfaction is also covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Namecheap Pros
  • Best quality servers (speed/uptime)
  • Crypto payments
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Free migrations
Namecheap Cons
  • S-based.

Click here to visit Namecheap



BitLaunch is without a doubt the best anonymous VPS hosting provider. There are no other options on this list that provide as many “options.”

The first reason for this is that it provides its own servers as well as acts as a “mediator.” Meaning, that Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, and so on are among the best VPS providers on the planet, aren’t they? They are not, however, anonymous.

BitLaunch allows you to purchase servers from these companies while remaining completely anonymous. You are not required to provide your full name, address, or any other form of identification! The only requirement for purchasing VPS from BitLaunch is an e-mail address. Isn’t it anonymous?

Then, because it offers servers from so many different companies, it provides the most locations.

The Netherlands, London, the United States, Singapore, Toronto, Bangalore, Paris, Frankfurt, and Tokyo are just a few of the options! These are determined by the specific provider you choose.

Personally, I adore the BitLaunch user interface! Even if you have no previous VPS experience, you can set up your servers in seconds!

Simply choose your provider, operating system, location, and server configuration. That’s it!

BitLaunch-Server-Selection - Anonymous VPS hosting

You won’t be disappointed in terms of “quality.” Its server providers are literally the best VPS hosting providers on the planet.

But, hey, why should you believe me? No, you should not! Please visit this page > Start a chat using the platform’s live chat, which is available 24 hours a day, and ask for free trial credits! Yes, they have those as well!

In terms of content liberty, it all depends on the company you choose. However, as far as Bitlaunch’s native servers are concerned, you can use them for anything that isn’t “harmful.” Hacking, spamming, and phishing is examples of harmful content.

Bitlaunch is headquartered in Panama. It’s literally one of my top three favorite places for privacy-conscious digital activities. Furthermore, Panama lacks the DMCA and many other more conservative laws. As a result, you can host most content that most other sites do not allow.

When I said anonymous, I assumed it had to accept Cryptocurrencies, right? Yes, it does. BitLaunch accepts Bitcoin payments.

Finally, it provides one-click installation of apps that further enhance your privacy and anonymity, such as WireGuard, Shadowsocks, OpenVPN, and others.

There is a live chat available 24 hours a day, seven days a week that is very responsive and quick, and it can assist with most server and non-server-related issues on the platform.

BitLaunch Pros
  • 100% anonymous, no real data needed.
  • 15+ server locations
  • Crypto payments
  • 4 provider options.
  • Panama-based
  • 100% free trial
  • One-click WireGuard/OpenVPN /Shadowsocks setup
  • 24X7 live-chat
BitLaunch Cons
  • No major cons

Click here to visit BitLaunch


Cloudzy Anonymous VPS Hosting

If you need a private server, you should choose a provider that will keep your information secure. If you are worried about your privacy, you should consider Cloudzy. The company offers an anonymous environment, which means that nobody will know about your online activities. They won’t even know the name that you used to sign up for the service. If you want to share a computer with others, you should consider a service that allows you to remain anonymous. A server that provides you with this type of service will allow you to have more freedom.

Cloudzy has been offering VPS servers since 2008. They currently offer servers in 16 different countries. They can help you to stay online privately.

Click here to explore Cloudzy

Cloudzy Pros
  • Pure SSD storage in RAID 10 configuration
  • Plans are good value for money
  • Fully customizable dedicated server plans
  • Choice of server locations and operating system
Cloudzy Cons
  • A lot of the dedicated servers were out of stock
  • Limited customer service options

Cherry Servers

Cherry Servers - Anonymous VPS Hosting

Cherry Servers has everything you’d expect from an anonymous offshore VPS hosting provider.

For starters, signing up does not necessitate any form of identification or real-world data. All you need is an e-mail address to get started. Payments can also be made in Cryptocurrencies, making it a Bitcoin VPS anonymous hosting.

It’s also offshore. That is, you have the option of choosing between two different locations, giving you complete content freedom. For the time being, the only available locations are Lithuania and the Netherlands, both of which are pro-privacy and have very favorable digital laws.

Now, it’s not just about the locations. Fortunately, it is also a company that strictly follows local laws. As a result, the servers are truly offshore, and you can upload any content as long as it is legal in the server country (even if it is illegal in yours!)

The company’s headquarters are in Lithuania. This is important again when it comes to court orders/jurisdiction and other legal issues.

Hey, “policies” aren’t the only thing that makes a server great, are they? As a result, I tested its server speed from both locations!

When I pinged the Lithuania servers, I received a 0% loss and a maximum latency of 296ms! Isn’t that impressive?


Even after downloading a 10GB file from it, the download speed was still impressive. To be honest, it’s not what I get from other servers closer to home, but that’s to be expected, isn’t it?

Finally, it is the best anonymous VPS hosting provider because that is exactly what it provides. The “shared” servers are not available for purchase here. It only sells dedicated and virtual private servers. However, two VPS options are available: shared VPS and dedicated VPS.

You get to pick your own billing cycle! You have the option of paying hourly or on a fixed term!

Last but not least, support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have a very responsive live chat that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Cherry Servers Pros
  • No real data is needed for signing up.
  • Crypto payments accepted.
  • Two location choices.
  • Only local laws are applicable.
  • 24X7 live-chat.
Cherry Servers Cons
  • No major cons.

Click here to explore Cherry Servers


shinjiru Offshore Web Hosting

Shinjiru is on this list primarily because of its well-established industry repute and trust. Indeed, it claims that its mission is to “protect privacy, a fundamental human right.”

It advertises itself as providing “anonymous hosting” and even lists “identity protection” as one of its primary features.

Another selling point is its “Strongest Protection Against Web Shutdown.” This means that you can host most content as long as it isn’t extremely illegal and the company won’t shut you down.

Essentially, anything legal in Malaysia can be uploaded. It does have a restriction list, but it’s all pretty standard stuff like hacking, illegal porn, viruses, and so on.

Other privacy-enhancing features include hidden DNS and a hidden IP address!

So, yes, you can sign up with just an e-mail address and not have to share much of your personal information. Please keep in mind that the registration form still requests a few personal details, which are never shared with third parties.

You can also pay with Bitcoin or ETH, which will erase your payment history.

The server locations are fantastic. Bulgaria, Russia, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Holland, and Singapore are all options!

All plans include free full migration as well as DDoS protection. Because it prioritizes anonymity, you can only access the live chat through Wickr (an encrypted chat service) or Skype.

Plans begin at just $11.90 per month. All of its packages include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Shinjiru Pros
  • Malaysia based.
  • Strongbolt protection (no shutdown)
  • Crypto accepted
  • 8 server locations
  • 30-day money-back policy
Shinjiru Cons
  • Live Chat is not available without Wickr/Skype.

Click here to explore Shinjiru

Webcare 360

Webcare 360 Offshore Web Hosting

Webcare 360 is the best anonymous VPS hosting provider for you, especially if you want to upload copyrighted content.

Yes, it is DMCA-ignored hosting. That is, you can upload copyrighted content and it will not be removed unless there is a direct court order from the content’s home country.

Since 2009, the company has been publicly offering “anonymous” hosting and requires only an e-mail ID to sign up.

The server locations are also impressive! You can select from the Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, and Russia! All of these countries lack DMCA!

Webcare 360’s AUP is also quite unique. Even on this list, the majority of the other Bitcoin VPS anonymous hosting companies have an open-ended AUP. Webcare 360, on the other hand, has a “conclusive” list. That is, anything not on the list is permissible. It’s even torrenting!

It only prohibits illegal porn, DDoS attacks, botnets, viruses, spam, terror-promoting websites, fraud, and racial/threatening content. Everything else is literally within your grasp!

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that it accepts Cryptocurrencies. In fact, many other cryptocurrencies are accepted in addition to Bitcoin.

Its VPS plans begin at $9.99 per month. The only issue and disappointment is that it does not provide refunds for its offshore VPS plans. This is most likely due to the crypto payments.

Another disappointment is that its live chat is not available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’re only available during working hours, which I think is fine.

Webcare Pros
  • Ignores DMCA complaints
  • Extremely liberal AUP
  • 6 server locations
  • Full root access
Webcare Cons
  • Live-chat not 24X7
  • No refunds.

Click here to explore Webcare 360


BlueAngelHost Anonymous VPS Hosting

BlueAngelHost claims to be the best and most popular anonymous VPS hosting provider. I’ll be completely honest. It isn’t. I’ve seen better, faster, and more feature-rich servers. But, hey, when it comes to “anonymous VPS,” it’s totally worth a look.

It obviously provides anonymous hosting. BlueAngelHost does not require you to reveal any personal information in order to purchase or use it.

It is based in Bulgaria. It’s not Panama, but it’s a great place to start your anonymous projects. There is also free migration, DDoS protection, and SSL certificates included.

What might irritate you is the lack of live support. Because the live chat isn’t available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’d be better off choosing one of the other options here.

It accepts cryptocurrency payments; otherwise, it wouldn’t be very anonymous, would it? Plans begin at $9.99 per month.

BlueAngelHost Pros
  • Bulgaria-based
  • Crypto accepted
BlueAngelHost Cons
  • Live chat isn’t 24X7.

Click here to explore BlueAngelHost

CCI Hosting

CCI Hosting Anonymous VPS Hosting

CCI Hosting bills itself as providing “untraceable anonymous hosting.” This clearly indicates that they do not require any real data from you in order for you to purchase or use their services. It is completely anonymous. It’s been here since 2002, so there’s also a lot of trusts.

Obviously, cryptocurrency payments are also accepted. PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, cards, and bank transfers are currently accepted payment methods.

Another factor that makes it a viable option is its location! It is based in Panama, and your content is hosted there as well. Panama is now the internet’s equivalent of a Swiss bank!

Obviously, it is a “local law only” firm. So anything legal in Panama is legal on the servers. It makes no difference what rules you follow in your home country. The standard AUP prohibits illegal porn, carding/hacking/phishing websites, selling weapons and drugs, and so on.

On the plus side, it allows some of the more contentious and generally prohibited content. This includes Tor relays, copyrighted content, online casinos and betting sites, pharmaceutical websites, and other similar services.

Full root access is included with all VPS plans. The cPanel is obviously optional, but it is available if you pay for it. All plans include DDoS protection as standard.

There is a live chat available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is fast; however, on a personal level, I believe they should humanize themselves more and be less robotic. But, hey, your issues are resolved! There is also e-mail and phone support available.

It sells all types of servers, but VPS plans start at $12.00 per month.

CCI Hosting Pros
  • Panama based
  • Crypto payments
  • Local laws/liberal AUP
  • 24X7 live-chat
CCI Hosting Cons
  • Robotic support staff.

Click here to explore CCI Hosting


Abelohost Anonymous VPS Hosting

Abelohost is another excellent VPS hosting provider, and one of the reasons for this is that it is located offshore. It provides servers from the Netherlands. As some of you may know, the Netherlands is one of the most privacy-conscious countries.

Abelohost, like the majority of the other options on this list, does not require you to reveal your personal identity.

Again, only the laws of the Netherlands apply to the uploaded content. In fact, it expressly states that it can be used for content that is controversial, such as gambling sites, movie sites, and even porn sites! Isn’t it clear that it’s quite liberal?

It’s one of the few options on this list that allows IRC servers, which is another feature that makes it the best anonymous offshore VPS. Tor relays are also permitted, but they must be run on dedicated servers only.

Obviously, globally illegal content such as hacking, IP spoofing, illegal pornography, and so on are still prohibited.

All of its annual plans include free migration. Its SSD/Storage and Windows VPS packages include dozens of VPS plans. The most affordable plan starts at EUR 9.99 per month.

All plans include free DDoS protection as well as root access. Daily backups, on the other hand, are an optional paid add-on.

Without a doubt, the company accepts both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies for payment. Bitcoin is the only crypto payment option. It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its annual plans; however, this refund policy does not apply if you paid with Bitcoins!

The live chat is technically available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but don’t expect it to be very helpful. It’s slow and occasionally unresponsive. (I’m just being truthful.)

Abelohost Pros
  • Netherland based office and servers
  • Crypto payments
  • Free migrations
  • Very liberal AUP
Abelohost Cons
  • Live chat isn’t fast.
  • No refunds on BTC payments.

Click here to explore Abelohost

Impreza Host

Impreza Host Anonymous VPS Hosting

Impreza Host is a hosting company that values anonymity and privacy. It states unequivocally that no documents or personal information are ever requested.

Furthermore, it obviously accepts Cryptocurrency payments. Many cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, and others, are accepted. This ensures that you can purchase anonymous VPS on Impreza Host using Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies).

In fact, it isn’t just VPS. Impreza Host is a private host that also sells dedicated servers and adult servers.

Another factor that contributes significantly to anonymity is Tor’s presence. You can also place your order through anonymous. onion network. Impreza Host is available via Tor at https://imprezareshna326gqgmbdzwmnad2wnjmeowh45bs2buxarh5qummjad.onion/

This ensures that your IP address is not shared with the company.

The fact that it is also an offshore hosting provider distinguishes it as one of the best anonymous VPS providers. That is, you not only get anonymous VPS, but you also get a lot of legal freedom with your server.

When purchasing a VPS, you can select from a number of locations, including Ukraine, Finland, Iceland, and Romania.

 Impreza Host Pros
  • 100% anonymous
  • 4 server locations
  • Crypto payments
  • Tor-friendly
 Impreza Host Cons
  • No live-chat

Click here to explore Impreza Host now

Finally, which of the following is the best anonymous VPS hosting in 2024?

As can be seen, none of the alternatives provide as many location options, server quality options, or anonymity as BitLaunch. In fact, it is the only company that provides completely free trial credits! Go take a look for yourself.

Apart from that, NameCheap is a highly reputable company that will never let you down. If you can’t go with Namecheap’s US-based headquarters, Cherry Servers is my second choice.

The other options present themselves as potential choices as well, assisting you in finding something within your budget and exact requirements.

In a nutshell, don’t you think you’ve found your best anonymous VPS hosting 2024 in this list? Now is the time to host your dream projects!


Are VPS anonymous?

In many cases, an anonymous VPS is the best way to protect your identity and maintain your privacy. Web hosting providers typically require information about you, including at a minimum your full name, address, email, and payment information, but in some cases even an ID.

Can I host a website anonymously?

Anonymous hosting, which is provided by some of the best web hosting services, is especially useful for users who want to maintain their online privacy while also protecting their identity. This is simple with anonymous hosting because signing up does not require the personal information to be shared with a provider.

Can VPS be traced?

They can’t track you down using RDP. That makes sense only for servers to which you connect via RDP. Websites will typically see the VPS’s IP address, but browsers are notoriously leaky when it comes to user data: for example, WebRTC leaks your local IP address.


You get the simplicity of a VPS backed by AWS’s power, dependability, and security. As your requirements evolve, you will be able to seamlessly expand beyond the initial boundaries and connect to additional AWS database, messaging, and content distribution services.

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