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A2 Hosting Review- Best Hosting for WordPress
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A2 Hosting is a website hosting solution run by A2 hosting. inc. It claims to provide blazing fast and reliable web hosting services. Helping its user to optimize any website as per their preferences. Highly recommended if you are looking for scalable hosting solutions. Its swift server platform and turbo servers can load pages up to 20 times faster than other ordinary hosting services. Read our honest A2 Hosting Review.

It was founded by Bryan Muthig in 2001. Starting from then till now it has created quite a buzz in the web hosting industry. Now is considered to be a giant of this industry. Making its way to the top rankings. A2 Hosting is an independent organization. The benefit of it being an independent organization is it is not owned by any large company. Which helps it to stick to its mission and vision. So there is no compromise on their web hosting solutions.

If you are a constant part of the website industry and virtual world you should have a glance at the review of A2 hosting. It will cost only a few minutes to get all the insights in this piece. It will give you the initial idea about the insights of A2 hosting and other hosting services as well in general.

There are a humongous number of hosting solutions available now. Among them, a good web host solution will deliver you

  • Security of your data
  • Minimum downtime
  • Faster load speed for web pages

There are many web hosting services available in the market right now. Every one of them has its unique features and services. It is hard to tell which web hosting solution is better. Therefore you should look for a web hosting solution that will serve the needs of your company and aim.

This A2 hosting review will help you to navigate different aspects of web hosting. So that you can make a decision that is not based on mere nuisance.

A2 Hosting in Brief

A2 Hosting Review Summary

9.6Expert Score
A2 Hosting

If you are looking for a fast hosting provider at a competitive and affordable price then this A2 hosting review was just for you. Though the downside of this solution still remains its messy (not so fancy) interface which might bother you.

Types of Hosting
Help & Support
Disk Space
Value for Money
A2 Hosting Pros
  • Exciting 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 99.9% uptime for the website
  • Scalable hosting solutions
  • Hosting option for Linux and windows
  • Intuitive cPanel interface
A2 Hosting Cons
  • Dual data center for North America and Europe only
  • Pricing may seem high to some users
  • The interface can be quite challenging for the beginners
  • Information provided in live chat support is questionable

A2 Hosting is a high-powered web solution yet simple to use. At first, it may seem a little bit confusing to the beginners for its intimidating interface. Yet if you keep using it further you will be able to get a hold of its features and use them smoothly.

Besides this article can be a basic guideline for you to start your A2 hosting journey today. In this A2 Hosting Review, you will get to know about the following topics.

  • Features of A2 hosting
  • Packages and prices
  • Benefits of A2 hosting solution
  • Pros and cons
  • A2 hosting serves best for
  • FAQs

So let’s jump into the details that you should know before subscribing to A2 hosting solutions.

A2 Hosting Features

Features of A2 Hosting in Brief

Free site migration

You will be amazed to know how many websites you can handle with this hosting solution simultaneously. The number varies with the plan and packages.

You will be able to migrate at least 1-25 websites all at once. The extra website migration might cost you some extra bucks in this case. Their support team is ready to help to migrate extra websites on behalf of you.

Suited CMS

CMS stands for the content management system. Websites are filled with valuable content. The success of these contents means the success of the website.

To excel in this sector you need to manage the contents for website success. Here A2 hosting solution can play the role of a helping and supportive friend. It makes content management tasks smooth and simple.

Here you can install by yourself:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • OpenCart

The performance-enhancing features of A2 can boost the performance of content management systems. Enjoy free Cloudflare CDN with every package of this hosting solution.

Fast Loading Time

A2 provides one of the fastest page loading times at a reasonable starting price. With a striking speed of 285ms A2 hosting is the second-best hosting speed provider of this year.

A faster loading time makes your website comfortable for its visitors. Reportedly it is said that most people back out from visiting a website just because it was taking longer time to load.

This leaves you in a position of losing valuable traffic. To avoid this, take the help of hosting solutions to speed up the loading game.

SSL for free

To get enhanced visitors and site security this hosting solution comes with free SSL certificates. Security for all is their prime concern.

It will be automatically applied to your account once you log in. Providing default security to your account from the very beginning.

It is available in all the plans and packages of this web hosting. Which ensures the security of your data no matter how much you are paying.

Green web hosting

It is more to a social cause and feature of A2 hosting rather than its technical feature. From social obligation, A2 tries to contribute to minimizing global warming through planting trees.

This initiative helps to get resources to power up the site. They are actively taking measures to find sources of renewable energies. As mentioned earlier it is not a part of the technical hosting but it can give you peace of mind that you are associated with a noble cause.

Plans & Pricing

Packages and pricing

A2 web hosting solutions have exciting 3 hosting plans for different categories of users. Which tries to serve customers who want reasonably priced packages to customers who want extensive features of web hosting.

The names and prices of these packages are.

Shared hostingReseller hostingVPS hostingDedicated server
$2.99 USD monthly$18.99 USD monthly$18.99 USD monthly$99.59 USD monthly

Shared hosting

Their shared package offers differently designed 4 tiers for various users. The plans are named as,

  • Start up
  • Drive
  • Turbo boost
  • Turbo max

Its start up plan is pretty much basic, allowing just 1 domain. Provides 100 GB of SSD storage. Free and easy site migration with a money-back guarantee.

The drive plan has unlimited domain and SSD storage with free automatic backup. With the other features same as the start-up plan. Similarly, turbo boost comes with unlimited websites and unique NVME storage features. This plan claims to give your website speed that is 20 times faster.

Similar options are provided by turbo max as well with the added benefit of 5 times more resources. The pricing of these exciting plans is mentioned below.

Start upDriveTurbo boostTurbo max
$2.99 USD monthly$4.99 USD monthly$9.99 USD monthly$14.59 USD monthly

Reseller hosting

This reseller plan will allow you to host your clients’ website if you are wanting to do it on a commercial basis. It has business options like billing features and integrating separate accounts.

It has categories like kick start, launch, grow, scale. The prices are mentioned below.

Kick startTurbo kickstartLaunchTurbo launch
$18.99 USD monthly$29.99 USD monthly$24.99 USD monthly$39.59 USD monthly

VPS hosting

VPS hosting offers an SSD-based platform. It is 20 times faster than the previously mentioned shared plan. It can cost you $4.99 per month and it has two categories.

  1. Unlimited VPS
  2. Managed VPS

Dedicated hosting

A great pick for agencies, e-commerce sites, and other commercial digital platforms. It provides high-speed and reliable Server hosting solutions. You can choose from the following 2 options.

  1. Unmanaged server
  2. Managed server

In an unmanaged server, you have to configure your custom server by yourself. In a managed server you will get a host guard to manage your server without any worry.

Benefits of A2 hosting

Benefits of A2 hosting

  • Reliable uptime speed: A2 web hosting solution uses LiteSpeed technology to provide reliable uptime speed. Its technical team has Utilized the LiteSpeed technology very well. Hence it can offer its user a Powerful swift server plan. Also giving the service of 100% accurate uptime tracking. Which helps to evaluate and monitor the web performance.
  • Security: A2 hosting provides complete security to your website. The data here are private and confidential. No one will be trespassing your data. Security socket layer helps you to enhance the security of data furthermore.
  • Support: this web hosting platform has a 24/7 working technical team called the guru crew. You can reach them for any kind of query through phone calls, live chat, emails. They also have real reviews. Here other fellow users share their experience of using the hosting solution. The technical support feature of A2 has negative and positive reactions among the users. It depends on your expectations but in general, this support team is quite responsive and supportive.
  • Money-back guarantee: one benefit of this particular hosting company that helps it to stand out from the rest of its competitors is the money-back guarantee it provides.
    It will return your money anytime you demand. Which makes it so unique from other solutions offering a money-back guarantee.

Is it right for you?

A2 Hosting Review: Is it Right for You?

A2 hosting solutions provide high-quality personal service. You can choose your preferable features to make an interface that will serve your purpose. But the question remains: Is it worth the time? Here you have to consider your organizational website needs rather than the hosting solution.

A2 provides decent services and features at a reasonable starting price. Which might prove to be a great boon for beginners and small firms. So if you are a beginner looking for simple hosting plans at a reasonable price then A2 hosting solution can be on the top of your purchase list.

Also, try to understand your websites. What sort of optimization you want to bring in there. Think Whether A2 hosting can help you there. As it does basic to advance level optimization services quite well. A2 hosting solution has a considerable size of features and tons of resources. Helping you to navigate a series of optimization options that you can add to your websites.

Consider the current situation and performance of your website. The above-mentioned A2 hosting review might be helpful. A2 hosting review has praised the usability of this hosting service. There are various optimization options. Though the features of A2 are not straightforward and easily understandable by an amateur user. You can surely learn. It has a different wide range of packages to choose from. Which might be intimidating for a beginner.

Beginners might get overwhelmed with what to choose and what not to. After some practice, they will easily get used to its extensive interface. Another best thing about A2 Hosting is it gives clear ideas about RAM and storage usage. Which website will get how much storage and RAM usages are mentioned clearly. Clearing the fog of confusion of storage and backup.

Its Turbo fast feature has created quite a buzz in the market in recent days. There are faster solutions available out there. But A2 is reasonably priced compared to the speed that it provides. Which is commendable.

The payment options that are available in A2 are,

Paypal is recommended to avoid any kind of fraud. A2 Hosting is best for overall shared hosting providers. Skip it if you are looking for the most easy-to-use interface.


A2 Hosting Review- FAQs

What is the difference between web hosting and shared web hosting?

There is no actual difference. In theory, shared web hosting is a type of web hosting. Just it comes with a little technical help for the hosting solution. It is an affordable solution for websites with less content and minimal traffic.

Why choose shared web hosting?

You can rely on shared web hosting for average to modest website optimization needs. It is proven to be great for beginners and small agencies.

How to start a web hosting account?

You can easily start a web hosting account by simply visiting A2 hosting and following any of the following steps- Email log in or cPanel log in

Is domain name free in A2 hosting?

No. domain names are not free in any of its packages.

What are the free features of A2 hosting?

The free features are SSL,CDN and DNS

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fast hosting provider at a competitive and affordable price then this A2 hosting review was just for you. Though the downside of this solution still remains its messy (not so fancy) interface which might bother you.

Its initial setup is super easy even for a beginner. Their speed and uptime also meet the industry standard of 99.99% (100% is not achievable). Their customer support is considerably great except for some irregularity of the live chat option. The essence of the thought is they are willing to help when you are having a hard time solving any hosting problem on your own.

Probably the most attractive part of this solution is their non-volatile memory express or better known as NVME which provides higher performance at a better speed. Not many companies avail you of these options though. Its lower tier plans are more suitable compared to top plans like “turbo max”. It can be recommended to beginners and advanced users as well as an overall shared hosting provider.

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