9 Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Business

Marketing is the buzzword of all the buzzwords. If you don’t market well no one talks about you and making your marketing effort automated is the smartest move now. Because best marketing automation software for small business in 2022 helps you market your business in autopilot mode.

Here I’ve given a shout-out to all the best marketing automation platforms available on market right now. These tools will help you to capture leads, build forms/ landing pages, convert leads into customers. Some even come with exciting after-sales support.

To get to know about paid marketing automation tools to 100% free best marketing automation tools let’s dive into the listings.

Our Picks

The 9 Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Business

  1. ActiveCampaign
  2. EngageBay
  3. HubSpot
  4. Constant Contact
  5. Pipedrive
  6. Freshsales
  7. MonsterInsights
  8. Drip
  9. Intercom

Let’s get into the automated marketing thing now.



ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation Software

ActiveCampaign is one of my favorite small business marketing automation software. But getting its services is not that easy. It has some kinda exclusive sign-up process. Plus starting with ActiveCampaign is a time-consuming complicated process itself.

Despite that, the popularity of his tool is increasing because it lets you create different types of e-mail campaigns. Good if you rely on drip emails or email marketing a lot. Plus their automated workflows keep everything in sync. 

ActiveCampaign Email Markting Automation
ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Automation

The customized live-chat widget provides you with a smooth surface for advanced customer support. Their pre-designed templates are perfect for landing pages. Create engaging forms to collect data and leads for your small business.

You can even track how your recipients engage with your e-mails. Isn’t that what we all marketers want?

Its drag & drop interface makes everything easy. The pricing starts from $9.00/month. They have other plans like Plus [$49.00], Professional [$129.00], and Enterprise [229.00]

There are a few similar features that both EngageBay and ActiveCampaign have got. So you can think EngageBay as one of the strongest competitors of ActiveCampaign

With ActiveCampaign you can, 

  • Create a standard e-mail broadcast, 
  • Schedule drip emails
  • Use autoresponders
  • Conduct A/B tests 
  • Send date-based e-mails
  • RSS-triggered mails

With this automated tool, you can keep a detailed track of your emails. Here you can track, 

  • When someone opens your e-mails
  • When they click on your e-mail links
  • When someone replies

But the highlight remains its “Automation”. With this tool, you can pre-design hundreds of workflows. All of it is a segment in different industries and purposes.

ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation
ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation

How does it work? You can create conditional relations between each trigger. Suppose if someone clicks a link to the email then a specific thing will happen. You can create a series of workflows reciprocating with each trigger.

It helps to customize emails, deals or points for each visitor or target audience. Making your marketing effort more professional.



Engagebay marketing automation platform

EngageBay covers almost every modern-day best small business marketing automation. Best part? It’s free forever. It has categorized its services into 3 major sections Marketing, Sales, And aftersales service.

Major requirements are covered right in one platform. With EngageBay you can Convert “visitors” into paying customers using advanced forms. You can also Send personalized e-mail broadcasts for branded email marketing.

This tool allows you to add a live chat widget and automate it to your website for visitor interaction. You can even create an automated appointment scheduler. With this software creating a Landing page is a matter of seconds. It helps you to run,

  • SMS/Whatsapp campaigns
  • Create sticky bars
  • Create and automate deal pipelines
  • Manage support tickets.
  • Create task checklists

You can use it for free anytime. To get more advanced features enroll in their paid plans which start at $8.99/month. There are other paid plans like Growth [$29.99/month] and Pro [$47.99/month].

Engagebay prebuilt landing page templates
Prebuilt Landing page Templates

With this automation marketing software, you can create Inline forms And Popup forms. Great for gathering leads. There are pre-designed templates for these forms so that you can add some personalization to your forms.

And all of this is automated. You won’t even have to sit and look for leads. No technical expertise is required at all. The whole process is simply dragging and dropping. With a single click, you can add new triggers, or actions based on those triggers

EngageBay Marketing Automation
EngageBay Marketing Automation

Manage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter right from this single tool.




Who hasn’t heard of HubSpot? it’s ultra-expensive yet probably the most popular CRM available in the market right now. Though it is not so suitable to mention it in the list of best marketing automation tools for small businesses. But I couldn’t resist mentioning it.

You can have it if you can. 😏

With this tool, you can create  3 types of email campaigns. It comes with live widgets. It’s easy to manage tasks with HubSpot. Create different types of forms to engage and generate leads from visitors. 

For email marketing, you can set up e-mail sequences and automated workflows. Design functional landing pages to direct audiences to conversion.  Plus it helps you to manage social media channels.

With limited subscribers, it’s free forever. But to upgraded their Starting pack price is $45.00/month.

If you can cope worth it’s a bit complicated set up you can keep the touch of Personalization for the emails. That means you can send Different versions of the same e-mail to different users.

It also comes with A landing page builder. Offering pre-designed themes and templates. All drag & drop.

Blogger? Then HubSpot is even better for you. They offer–

  • A landing page builder is available. It offers pre-designed themes and templates. These are drag & drop. integrated blog CRM. Though it’s not WordPress level still an option.
  • Their workflow management is also a drag and drop system. 
  • Create sequences or automated e-mails and tasks to trigger different marketing tasks.
  • It has facilities for social media management and ad management.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the top marketing automation platforms for small businesses. The primary features of this tool are all you need to automate marketing tactics.

With constant contact, you can manage E-mail campaigns and build Landing pages. Perfect for if you have an e-commerce website. Managing social media platforms and ads is also easy with this tool. 

Don’t forget to create engaging forms to collect the leads. The pricing starts from $17.00/month.

It has predesigned email templates. With its drag and drop user interface you can add buttons, text, spacers, polls, RSVP wherever you want without the knowledge of coding.

Though I didn’t like their landing page editor that much to be honest. At this price range, it could have been better. Another major drawback of this tool can be it doesn’t offer templates for forms. Basic and minimalistic forms are all it can offer.

It also doesn’t offer any visual workflow. Which was a big advantage of the prior tool that I’ve mentioned.

Which might be offbeat for e-commerce businesses. Handle Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all from one platform. 

You will also get a full month free trial. Though it requires providing credit card Infos.




A shout out to Pipedrive as one of the best marketing automation for small businesses in 2022. And why not? It allows you to conduct successful email campaigns. You can create Automated workflows and Deals.

It has an Integrated calling feature. Lead generation? No problem sire. They have your back Buy leads from a 400m database. 

  • The prices start from only $15.00/month.
  • They have other plans named as Advanced [$29.00/month]
  • Professional [$59.00/month]
  • Enterprise [$99.00/month]

You will also get webforms. These pre-designed forms help you to capture data from visitors to turn them into leads. One thing that I should mention here is these forms are not customizable and they look like pretty basic boring forms. Which can also seem minimalistic and sleek to many.

For leads, if you find any data that might be useful to you then you can request Pipedrive to unveil the full details. Its “Web Visitor” feature can identify when organizations/companies are visiting your website. surprisingly helpful for visitors and competitive analysis.

Perfect plan for enhancing your marketing contact list.

Different feature to run a successful email campaign is also available. For the enhanced tracking of your emails, you would have to You must connect your e-mail accounts from third-party providers. This tool only allows you to open and click kind of tracking.

Another feature that I like about Pipedrive is its call feature. Which allows you to make calls within Pipeline. 

You will also get an advanced activity manager. There you can add, 

  • Tasks 
  • Meetings  
  • Scheduled  calls
  • Set Date/time
  • Assign deals

Get your productivity boosted to the roof. One major drawback of Pipedrive is it doesn’t let you build landing pages.




Freshsales is another excellent CRM with a sales-focused strategy. It uses artificial intelligence-powered lead scoring, which allows you to automatically select leads based on which are more likely to convert.

Furthermore, Freshsales will automatically provide extra details on your leads, contacts, and accounts based on social and publically listed information, reducing the need to manually enter this information.

Freshsales allows you to design sophisticated email campaigns based on the activities of your leads. You may also automate follow-up actions and establish workflows to boost team efficiency.

Through activity tracking, you can even utilize Freshsales to automatically detect how users engage with your website and product.

Freshsales starts at $12 per month, invoiced annually. There’s also a 21-day free trial (no credit card required). There is also a free plan, which is limited in functionality.




The ideal Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is MonsterInsights. It assists you in identifying where your users are coming from and what they are doing on your website.

To make the most of any marketing automation platform, you’ll need easy-to-understand reports that show you exactly what’s working and what’s not.

MonsterInsights is a tool that allows you to track user activity on your website. It includes conversion analytics for WooCommerce, form submissions, outbound link tracking, and user tracking.

Essentially, you get a clear picture of what’s going on with your site and what you can do to increase sales and conversions. 




The highlight of drip is that it has great WooCommerce integration. A boon for you if you have an eCommerce website. Intelligent marketing automation tools and smart email segmenting drip can make your marketing efforts 10 times easier than manual effort.

They support their clients through live chat, webinars, and detailed online courses. They have done excellent documentation. Though it is not dirt cheap it’s still a value for money kinda marketing automation tool.

You can easily rely on Drip to maximize your marketing efforts.

Drip offers a 14-day free trial so that you can try it before you buy it. Their basic paid plans start from $19/month. Though the subscriber limit seemed so insufficient to me. Only 500 subscribers!

Uh-huh, not good enough for bulk marketing!

If you upgrade to a plan worth $39/month then you can have up to 2,500 subscribers.




It has a reputation as more of a live chat tool than for small business marketing automation. But I would like to mention it in this list as it can do more than just allow to live chat. With this tool, you can use chatbots. Enhance and design your marketing workflow the way that you want.

With this tool, you can automate in-app messages.  Feel free to use images, videos, and emojis. 

Choose your favorite from different massage styles without the slightest knowledge of coding. There are dozens of add ons to enhance the features of this tool. You can give your visitor a product tour, do more than just generate leads. Plus engage with each customer like never done before.

The pricing starts from $39/month. Keep in mind you will have to pay extra if you go for add ons to enhance the features. Plus the more subscriber you enroll for email listing the more the cost is gonna rise. Even a thousand per month. 

Who told you marketing is gonna be cheap? Not anymore in this era.

Signing off

Hope the article was of some help to learn more about the best marketing automation tools for small businesses.

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