InMotion Hosting Review: Is the World “In Motion” with InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting Review: Is the World “In Motion” with InMotion Hosting?
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Choosing a web host for your website seems like a maze? Someone recommended InMotion Hosting and you are wondering whether to purchase a plan or not? In this InMotion Hosting review I’ll give you an unbiased opinion about the features and performance of this particular web host. Is the world really “in motion” with InMotion Hosting? Let’s dive deep into the insights of a web hosting brand called InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Hosting is still a new name in the web hosting industry. It is considered to be an Underdog and unpopular. Much talk and review are not there about InMotion Hosting surprisingly. Therefore I am here to help you with the essential information about this web hosting service.

In one word I can tell that It is reliable. Not one of the fancy premium web hosting servers but it gets the job done at a reasonable price. Those who are happy with average performance can rely on this particular hosting service. For detailed reviews kindly spend a few minutes and keep scrolling.

Brief Overview

InMotion Hosting Review in Brief

InMotion Hosting was founded by several university graduates in the year of 2012. That is why it is considered to be a new face in the web hosting industry. Still, it somehow manages to give tough competition by market penetration. It is basically a US-based web hosting provider. If your traffic mostly comes from the US then you will get a blazing fast speed. In this InMotion hosting review, I’ll discuss InMotion Hosting’s contributions for different kinds of web hosting users.

9Expert Score
InMotion Hosting

If you ask me to condense my InMotion hosting review I would probably draw your attention again to the fact that InMotion offers a 90 days money-back guarantee. Isn’t that cool for such an underrated hosting company? That means the Company has faith in its services and offers potential customers to try their service for a longer time and make a decision.

Types of Hosting
Hosting Features
Disk Space
Help and Support
Value For Money
InMotion Hosting Pros
  • Marvelous speed
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Free site transfer
  • Has TDS
  • Easy signup process
  • Free SSL certificate
InMotion Hosting Cons
  • Rates get high after the end of the sign-up period
  • Average uptime
  • Cheap plans don't provide free domain
  • Cheap plans don't provide free domain
  • Not the cheapest provider in this industry.


Services of InMotion Hosting


Shared Hosting of InMotion

Shared web hosting gives a stable platform to work on your website. It is provided by almost every hosting service and is one of the most popular among newbies and small businesses.

The shared hosting of InMotion Hosting is also designed to benefit small businesses. It Provides business essentials. All the features are vital to run basic business websites.

It comes with a drag-and-drop site builder. It is one of the best free website builders software. Which makes site-building much easier even for beginners. If you are an expert then you might not build sites from a web hosting server. Still, the decision varies from person to person. Yet InMotion Hosting provides the basis of site-building. In the shared plan, you can expect,

  • Free domain [not on the cheap plans though]
  • You’ll get Free SSD drive and data backup
  • Free SSL
  • Access to SSH

It provides programming languages like,

  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • MySQL

So that you can have the liberty to show your technical expertise. You also get to choose your own data center for better performance. Isn’t that amazing? All these exciting features at an affordable price starting from $5.99/mo. Which is comparatively one of the best cheap web hosting offers.


Dedicated Hosting of InMotion

The dedicated server hosting is where you get it all. This is the flagship of web hosting services. Delivering the top-notch service of the web hosting solution. To get the best out of any web server you should go for dedicated web hosting. But only when you need that much great performance.

Not every website is busy with traffic all the time. The small businesses and newbies tend to have less traffic hence less website pressure. So they don’t need that much resource backup.

It is only for those enterprises which have multiple websites and destructive traffic engagement. For those who get flooded with organic and SEM traffic. Those enterprises need to have dedicated web hosting to serve quality to their clients. They need it for excellent content hosting.

InMotion Hosting is a decent dedicated server but needs improvement. The rates here are higher for dedicated servers than most of its competitors also with fewer resources. So if you ask me I’ll choose another web hosting server for dedicated web hosting from the industry. That doesn’t mean InMotion Hosting has nothing to offer. You can rely on its shared web hosting and VPS web hosting for web hosting services.


VPS Hosting of InMotion

Having a private server gives you the liberty of presenting and hosting your websites as per your preference. You can choose VPS hosting for extra resources and customization. In my InMotion hosting review, you will sense that InMotion Hosting’s VPS hosting is my personal favorite. And why not!

It provides premium power and reliability at a reasonable price. Because It’s a virtual private server. Here you will get free site migration and assistance in launch time. This plan includes cPanel and WHM. comes with unlimited domains, websites, email accounts, and MySQL databases. And the cherry on top firewall protection for security.

This hosting solution is especially designed for E-commerce. Where you get a smooth platform to run your business. In addition to that it gives a great experience to your visitors and customers.VPS server is fully managed by InMotion Hosting. So you will get all the support of the team 24/7. It provides a premium experience of site monitoring. Better monitoring means better planning.

Keep in mind the VPS hosting server is not designed for all sorts of users. It is best for websites that have extra traffic and sudden traffic hikes. They need VPS to handle this dilemma effortlessly. InMotion Hosting’s VPS hosting still has some room for improvement. They can justify the prices of VPS plans by adding some extra features as their competitors. If we ignore that tiny fact this is great for businesses that are enjoying their growth phase.


WordPress Hosting of InMotion

As its name suggests this plan is for WordPress content management. It comes with unlimited bandwidth and email. WordPress is installed from the very beginning. Security suits and marketing tools give the perfect dashboard for business. It also provides free domain and SSL. in one word a complete managed wordpress hosting.

Though there are cheaper plans available in the market for instance Bluehost. Which is Fully dedicated to WordPress hosting. Check both out to find which works best for you. But i’ll recommend Bluehost over InMotion Hosting for WordPress hosting as they’ve mastered that.

Sounds good, Take Me To InMotion
What do you think? Is InMotion Perfect for You?

Does above great features of InMotion Hosting satisfy your requirement? If yes, then let’s experience the motion of InMotion hosting.

Facts to Consider

Facts to Consider Before Subscribing

Though it is InMotion hosting review but these facts should be considered thoroughly before subscribing for any website hosting. As these variables strongly affect the overall performance of the website.


Uptime of InMotion

Uptime is probably the most vital aspect of website performance. It denotes the ability of the website to be ready to present itself to its visitors. If it has any downtime where it fails to serve the visitor the website will be considered as a non-performer. The competition is that high now. So every website owner expects an excellent uptime from their cheap web hosting server.

As no downtime is expected for a smooth visitor experience. In the web hosting industry, most of the providers serve uptime of 99.95%- 99.98% on average. Here InMotion Hosting delivers 99.95% uptime. which is an average score compared to its competitors like A2 hosting, HostGator, Bluehost, and DreamHost. So InMotion Hosting does not provide the best uptime but not the worst either.

If you want to stick to InMotion Hosting yet want better uptime also then choose their VPS or a dedicated plan. They come with slightly Better uptime.


Speed of InMotion

The virtual world is all about speed. We can’t wait for even a nanosecond to get our desired information. So every second matters in web performance. The longer time your website will take to load the more visitors will lose interest in visiting your website. It is suggested that you maintain a fast page loading speed. Web hosting providers can make or break the deal for you.

Especially business websites have to be speedy. It is a part of customer satisfaction. Customers will have a bad experience if your website takes a lot of time than usual to load its contents. Longer loading time results in frustrated customers. This is a nightmare in the case of e-commerce as their whole business depends on it.

On the other hand, Fast loading time will also give you improved SEO rankings. As search engines like Google honor faster-loading web pages as a top ranked contents of SERP. In the InMotion Hosting’s shared hosting plan you will get decent speed which is adequate to run a small business or enterprise with moderate traffic. But for advanced performance try their VPS web hosting. As it provides blazing fast load time.


Support of InMotion

Even a pro needs help sometimes. Problems like cyberattack and server error are not uncommon these days. It can harm the performance and security of your website. Customer support of InMotion Hosting is the savior in these dilemmas. They even help you with settings and sign-ups.

InMotion Hosting is ready to assist 25/7. Bringing you peace of mind for hosting your website. They provide their support through

  • Live chat
  • Phone calls,
  • Email.

I’ve connected with their support team at three different times of the day to find out their response rate. Their Response time on average is 7 minutes which isn’t super fast. Yet I didn’t feel unattended also. If that doesn’t sound convincing enough to you then you can help yourself with tons of self-learning content that they provide to help their customers. Self-learning program has video tutorials and community forums to guide you through basic situations and common problems.

There are more than 3000 articles published to help you out. And you are getting the basics of InMotion Hosting from this InMotion hosting review. So you are good to go as a beginner. Majority of the customers are satisfied with the support that InMotion Hosting provides through live chat, phone calls, and emails. Though there are some cases of customer dissatisfaction as well but those don’t outnumber the good ones.


Site Transfer of InMotion Hosting

One thing that InMotion Hosting does in exception to its competitors is site transfer. Its VPS plan gives free site transfer. Which is still not provided by many industry giants. Other hosting services cost more than $100 on average to transfer a site. In InMotion Hosting you can get this done without spending a penny. I’m not telling you that it is the most amazing opportunity and you should buy it for only site transfer yet these features add value to your experience. Which can serve as an extra plus point.


Free features of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is probably one of those fewer hosting companies which love to give freebies to their clients. Trust me it’s a rare gesture in the hosting industry. Often InMotion will provide the following services for free.

  • SSD drives: free SSD drive is included in all the plans of InMotion Hosting.
  • Domain: you can get a free domain or transfer your existing one here.
  • Data backups: in one click you can back up and restore your data.
  • one-click installer: InMotion Hosting offers you one-click installation for 400 plus apps.
  • Multilingual: in this web hosting server you can use multiple programming languages.
  • Secure IMAP email: it enables you to have access to email from any device of your choice.
  • Max speed zone: for the maximum speed choose your data center as per your choice.
  • SSH access: a fast and easy way to work.
  • Google apps integration: easy to use 3 step wizard configuration.

Security of InMotion

With the increasing dependency on the internet, cyber crimes are also increasing day by day. But to maintain the confidentiality of your website you should choose a hosting solution that can provide security to your data. InMotion Hosting tries to provide the best security to its clients. To excel in this sector it takes assistance from a third-party security provider to stop DDoS and other web attacks. Which could cost extra money if they wanted to do it on their own also resulting in a price hike.

So this trick of InMotion Hosting Saves your money and covers you in top-notch security guarded by the experts.

Pro Tip: Based on your web hosting purpose, we have shortlisted best web hosting solutions, best vps hosting and our expert web hosting reviews for you. Check it out.


Pricing of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting believes in transparency in the pricing of their plans. Here you get what you see without any hidden charges. For the starting you will get each plan at the following prices.

WordPress HostingVPS HostingDedicated HostingShared Hosting
Pricing of different types of hosting in InMotion

Detailed InMotion Hosting Review of the Shared Plan

To make this InMotion hosting review more worthy I’ll discuss the shared plan in detail as people tend to go for shared plans often. Here for a 2-year purchase plan, the prices of each shared hosting will be something like this.

Check Prices
Free SSL
2 Websites
100GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
2x Speed and Performance
10 Email Addresses
Security Suite
Marketing Tools
Google Workspace Available
Check Prices
Free domain & SSL
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
6x UltraStack Speed & Performance
Unlimited Email Addresses
Security Suite
Marketing Tools
Google Workspace Available
Check Prices
Free domain & SSL
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
12x UltraStack Speed & Performance
Unlimited Email Addresses
Security Suite
Marketing Tools
Google Workspace Available
Advanced Caching
Check Prices
Free domain & SSL
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
20x UltraStack Speed & Performance
Unlimited Email Addresses
Security Suite
Marketing Tools
Google Workspace Available
Advanced Caching
Pro Support SLA

Common features

You will get the following features in every shared plan of InMotion Hosting.

  • Free domain & SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Security suit
  • Marketing tools

I’ll Recommend It To

I’ll Recommend It To

In my opinion, InMotion Hosting is best web hosting for small business. Businesses that have just started and soon will meet their growth can easily rely on InMotion to handle their website traffic. They have plans specifically designed for business and personal use. Though I don’t recommend it for personal blogging use or freelancing due to its cost. Other web hosting providers can meet your needs at a cheaper rate.

That doesn’t question the reliability of InMotion Hosting at all. My personal favorite is their VPS hosting. Which provides all the essentials that one needs for their small business. You can surely get “in motion” with InMotion Hosting.

Visit Inmotion
Do You Want Best Performance?

If you want to develop and run high performance app then you need a strong server. InMotion Hosting could be best for performance.


Frequently Asked Question for InMotion Hosting Review

How to switch web hosting providers?

The comprehensive support center of InMotion will transfer your website for free on your behalf. Contact them and they will do it for you. You get it for free up to 3 websites. After that, you will have to pay an additional $10 for each website.

Alternatives of InMotion Hosting?

There are alternative web hosting solutions like HostGator, A2 hosting, dream host, go daddy, etc.

Is web hosting suitable for WordPress?

Yes, it is. Many web hosting companies have options for WordPress integration pre-installed in their interface.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

If you ask me to condense my InMotion hosting review I would probably draw your attention again to the fact that InMotion Hosting offers a 90 days money-back guarantee. Isn’t that cool for such an underrated hosting company? That means the Company has faith in its services and offers potential customers to try their service for a longer time and make a decision.

Even most industry giants provide only a 30 days money-back guarantee. Some hosting companies come up with 45-60 days max. But in this case, InMotion Hosting leaves everyone behind. One fact that you should keep in mind is the offer is valid if you sign up for a 6-month minimum. Meanwhile, their month-to-month and dedicated server have a 30-day guarantee only. Which most InMotion Hosting reviews forget to mention.

Another fact that I’ve noticed is the prices are Less at the beginning but full at the renewals. Though it is a common practice in every other web hosting service. Similarly, InMotion Hosting didn’t break the hosting price tradition I guess. In here also the renewal prices are 8% extra for shared plans and more than 50% extra for VPS plans. So keep that in mind.

To conclude all of this I would like to state it is not the best web host available out there, not the worst either. It is still performing decently and giving tough competition to many web hosting providers.

Further Information:

InMotion Hosting Review: Is the World “In Motion” with InMotion Hosting?
InMotion Hosting Review: Is the World “In Motion” with InMotion Hosting?
$2.99/month $9.49/month

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