15 Characteristics to Pick a Good Domain Name for Your Website

Today’s digital market is swamped with websites. Those websites have to pick a good domain name. Sometimes it can be far more difficult than naming a child.

With millions of domains already registered on the Internet, selecting the right name for a new site is becoming increasingly difficult. but as the saying goes, there’s no shortage of ideas if you look at things from a different angle.

You don’t need a better domain than everyone else. All you need is an impressive name.

A domain name is extremely important when designing a website because it not only represents your site to the public but also allows for better search engine optimization.

I’ll share a few tips on what makes a good domain name that is also efficient.

A Good Domain: Name Must Have Certain Features.


Stick with “.com”

Prefer to Use “.com”

If I want to call my website “cell.com,” but the domain name is already used, I’ll go with “cells.com” instead of “cell.info”, “cell.co.cc”, or “cell.us.” on how to pick a good domain name first you should make sure that you are trying to get a .com TLD.

Country-specific extensions limit the flow of visitors to your site, while a few others, such as “.info,” are deemed spam links by the majority of internet users. If you have the opportunity, it is better to go with a “.com” domain name for the greatest results.

It is considered to be one of the characteristics of a good website.

While all of those fancy TLDs are enticing, going with classic.com is almost always the best option. For two reasons:

  1. People are more familiar with .com domains than with anything else. they will type ‘.com’ into the browser URL bar and are unlikely to remember your extension if it is too unusual. Everyone will always presume a website has an a.com extension.
  2. According to research, the .com TLD is utilized by 47% of all websites. Numbers don’t lie, do they?

Non-Traditional TLDs

Non-Traditional TLDs

As noted in No. 1, you may now obtain a variety of other TLDs that were not available only a few years ago. But now to pick a good domain name you can use non-traditional TLDs to your advantage.

Domain extensions such as .shop, .club, .store, .blog, .design, .xyz, and so on are easily available. You may also experiment with some of the TLDs that were meant to be local TLDs. being unique is also a characteristic of a name for a domain.

Domain extensions such as .is, .io, .fm, .it, .ly, .cc and others fall within this category.

To give you an example of the latter, if it makes sense for your brand and intended name, you may aim to make the entire domain. including the TLD, which appears to be one full phrase. You may accomplish this by selecting your TLD creatively. 

Getting unique domain names sometimes might get tough. Don’t worry! GoDaddy offers the most extensive inventory of the best domain for your blog.

if you’re looking for a certain TLD, it’s a good idea to browse around with other registrars as well.


Keep Your Domain Name Short

Keep it Short

You’d be surprised to know that every feasible domain name with three to four characters is already used. even five-letter names are on the edge of extinction. So how can you pick a good domain name which is short and sweet?

A domain name is best if it is kept under 10 letters long. Never cross 20 letters threshold. You can use domain picking tools to check the availability of your desired domain name.

Your domain name should have The main four characteristics:

Brief — ideally, less than 15 characters. Don’t count the TLD though.
Basic — no hyphens, underscores, intricate words as domain names, or other punctuation.
No 7$*#@– unless absolutely required (for example, if it’s part of your brand name, such as 9gag.com), avoid using numbers.
Predictable — no unusual spellings
domain tools can help you to sort out short yet effective domain names.


Easy to Remember

Easy to Remember

Something like “tobehonest.com” may appear to be a bit larger than “tbh.com,” but it at least gives ease of recall. A short domain is meaningless if it is difficult to remember.

The latter is not only lengthy and tedious but also difficult to recall. Just one incorrect letter and the visitor will be sent to an entirely new page. And he will then prioritize any other site above your gateway.

So keep that in mind when you are wondering how to pick a domain.


Match with Site Niche

Match with site niche

We all want to pick the best domain for our brand and website. A domain name like “deatheater.com” is completely worthless for a software review website. You must be clever in your choice so that a visitor understands what to expect when he opens your site.

If your site is in English, attempt to choose a suitable English name rather than a regional name. Since this will assist you to gain international visitors.

You can use tools for picking a domain like:


Easy to Spell

Easy to Spell

What’s the point of having the domain name “Fuchsia.com” if half of the world, including me, doesn’t even know how to spell the Fuchsia? By the way, Fuchsia is a flower. 

The point is to Choose something attractive while remaining basic to pick a good domain name.

You will get a few examples of domain names if you use some tool.


Avoid Hyphens

Avoid Hyphens

When good domain names are unavailable, people always head to hyphenated domain names to fill the hole. This method makes logical, but it has fallen out of favor in recent years. In terms of how to pick domain names adding hyphens nowadays is a complete no-no.

Although hyphenated domain names appear to be concentrated and easy to remember. But they do not create the same interest as single-word domain names.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try a similar variation with an extra “s” at the like. If I want something like “office.com,” which is not accessible, I would try “offices.com” or in place of any other hyphenated term.


Use Keywords

Use Keywords

Do you know how to choose a domain name and make the best out of it? Just add your targeted keywords. 

Using your most used keyword in your domain name you will send a straight message to the visitors about what this website is about.  It not only benefits visitors, but it also improves search engine optimization.

If I offer business solutions, I’d go with something like “businesshelp.com” or “abcbusiness.com,” where “ABC” is the abbreviated firm name. This method is widely used on most websites that provide gadget or automotive reviews.


Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Avoid Spelling Mistakes

I just came upon the URL “expertsexchange.com,” which properly referred to “experts exchange,” but I mistyped it totally. The corporation then attempted to resolve the difficulties by including a hyphen in its domain name.

You must use extreme caution to avoid falling into any similar-looking pit. Use best sites to buy a domain to be extra sure about your perfect domain name.


Buy the Common Misspellings

Buy the Common Misspellings

Got catchy names for websites? Make a list of their Misspellings as well. For some extra charges, you will get a chance to drive even those audiences who have somehow misspelled your website name. 

In general, you’ll be OK if you only focus on a handful of the most common misspellings of the domain.

Once you’ve obtained them, redirect them to your primary domain name.


Choose Brandable Name


The terms “Xerox,” “Kodak,” and “ibibo” have no definitions in the dictionary, but everyone knows what they are. These names demonstrate how something innovative may appeal to the interests of visitors and aid in the establishment of a brand image.


Avoid Numbers in Domain Name

Avoid numbers

Incorporating numerals into domain names is never a smart idea. If someone asks you about your website and you say “ali2bd.com,” he’ll be confused as to whether you meant “alitobd.com,” or “ali2bd.com.”

Nobody has the time to visit all three websites, and you’d be out of luck at the end of the day.

All of the above stages, if performed correctly, will assist you in obtaining your desired domain name. The stock may be running low, but just as there is no end to fresh ideas or creativity, there is no limit to diverse thoughts.

Good developers, designers, and writers don’t do things differently, but they do the same things.


Intruding on a trademark might lead to a disastrous day. As far as I know, almost no one registers a domain name with the aim of trespassing someone’s copyrights. Still, these things do happen from time to time.

As a matter of fact, if you have a good concept for a domain name and are going to register it, simply google the name and go through all of the first and second page results. What you’re looking for are companies that already use this name and appear to be in a comparable market or niche.

If you find anything, you should probably choose another domain name.


Don’t Waste Time on The Taken Domain

Avoid Taken Domains

It’s not the end of the world if the domain name you truly want is already taken. You can sometimes still get your hands on it.

But it is a so complicated process.

Read: How you can get your hands on an already taken domain name.

I know having that particular domain name might actually mean the world to you. If you can trade if with the existing owner then great. If you cant get it then don’t stress too much about it.

First and foremost, getting the idea behind your website or business correct is more crucial than everything else. even the domain name itself. As people say what’s in the name.

If you devote yourself to executing that concept and do it purposefully, the absence of the “ideal domain name” will not hold you back.


Check the Domain History

Check the Domain History

This is important to verify even if you’re getting (what you believe is) a fresh domain name. In rare situations, the domain name you’re attempting to register may have previously been registered but subsequently abandoned by the owner. It’s still worth looking at what was on it.

There are two methods for researching the history of a domain name. Wayback Machine is one of the most popular ones, and it’s also easily accessible.

It allows you to enter a time machine and see how any website used to appear in the past.

When I say ‘any website,’ I don’t mean just any website.

However, most websites that had any noteworthy traffic at any point in time may be expected to be found. In our situation, using Wayback Machine allows us to discover if the domain we’re interested in has ever been used for anything major, and if so, if it was all kosher or not.

Finally, Pick a Good Domain Name for Your New Website

A domain is where you should pour all of your creativity, and don’t forget to jot down the words that come to you during the day. A human mind develops hundreds of thoughts every day, yet the majority of them endure just a few seconds before being lost forever in the depths.

You never know which concept will work well for you, which is why you can’t afford to pass it up. If you have any recommendations or questions about your domain name, please leave them in the comments area.

NameCheap is offering a domain name of your choice for $8.88 only. Grab your domain name before before someone else does!

Pro Tip: Domain Privacy is forever free in NameCheap. That’s why I like NameCheap for my usage because I don’t have to pay again for domain privacy.


What exactly is a domain name?

The address of your website that users use in the browser’s address bar to reach your website is known as the domain name.

Which domain extension is the best?

When it comes to TLDs (Top-Level Domains), .com is the most well-known and popular domain extension in the world.

How do you pick an excellent domain name for your company or blog?

Choose a .com TLD (if feasible), keep it brief, easy to remember and spell, utilize keywords and relate it to the specialty of your site, avoid hyphens and digits, and make it brandable.

Should my domain name be the same as my name?

If you intend to create a personal or portfolio website, you can use your name as the domain name.

Can you recommend a reputable domain registrar?

Namecheap and GoDaddy are the two most popular ICANN-accredited name registrars.

What is the cost of an a .com domain?

.com domains typically cost between $10 and $20 per year, depending on the domain registrar.

Is it possible to obtain the a .com domain for free?

Yes, you can acquire a free .com domain. Nowadays, most reputable web servers include a free domain name (.com included) with their annual hosting packages.

Is domain resale a profitable business?

As the demand for web services grows, the domain reseller sector has emerged as one of the most profitable in the internet world.

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