How To Buy a Domain Name That Is Taken (Expert Guide)

How To Buy a Domain Name That Is Taken In 2020 (Expert Guide)

So, you have got a great business idea to run. You might want to make an online presence of your business through a website. You already have a domain name in your mind, which is so accurate with your business. Then, you go to a site like Godaddy or Bluehost to buy a domain name with an enthusiastic heart. But boom! Someone already bought your desired domain name! Now, you might look for other great alternatives. Unfortunately, you may not find any different preferable domain names. So, what now? Are you thinking about how to buy the domain name that someone already took? If the answer is yes, please bear with me; I am going to show you how to buy a domain name for the website that has already been taken. As you read each word of this article, you will learn what to do before purchasing a taken domain name and four steps of how to buy the domain name.

Things need to consider before buying a domain name.

Before I go any further, let me tell you about some considering factors of how to buy a taken domain name. Knowing these essential matters will help you significantly. So, Let me explain about these considering factors before-purchasing.

Domain Name VS Entire Establish Website

What if you could get a chance to buy an entire established website, including your dream domain name or just an established site? At first, you have to ask yourself whether you want only a domain name or an established and secure website.
Buying a website is a brilliant idea. Look at it this way; you found a website that has a consistent record of making money. So, if you can buy this website, you can start your online business immediately. You don’t have to start from scratch. Incredible, isn’t it? Moreover, it is a great shortcut. However, one key thing to remember that buying an established website is pricy.

Budget Making

It is notably essential to make the right budget for buying a domain name. You need to understand; a domain owner may not agree to sell his/ her domain name at a cheap rate. I am trying to say that a domain owner invests his/ her money and time on the purchasing domain and is also actively running it. Put yourself on their shoes for once, and let me ask you this question; Would you sell your active domain name at $10 or $50? surely, you will disagree. For this reason, you have to make the right budget.

Take Enough Time Before Purchasing

Before purchase a domain name, do some research about where to buy domain names. Find out whether the domain owner is selling his/ her domain name through the online domain market place or not. Or you might get in touch with the particular domain name owner and talk to him about purchasing. The point is you have to take some time to do proper research before buying.

Four Steps to get Dream Domain

So, Do you follow me so far? If you do, then lets dive into some crucial final details. Here are the real kicker- the four steps of buying a taken domain name.

  • Detect the owner of your dream domain
  • Find out the contact information of that owner
  • Go for negotiation
  • Pay for it

Detect the Keeper of Your Dream Domain

At first, you need to find out whether someone owns your dream domain or not. WHOIS Lookup is useful for doing this task. You may even find the owner’s name and contact information here. However, domain owners use privacy services to protect their data. You must be wondering how to beat this barrier? Well, you can find out the privacy email in the WHOIS database. Most of the time, the privacy emails forward to the owner’s email. So it is possible to contact the owner through the listed email address.

Find out the More Contact Information of that Owner

Getting only the listed email address is not enough. You should get some more contact information from the decision-maker. You might not get a reply if you send an email to the company’s website. It would help if you dug around a little more to get in touch with the real domain owner.

Go for Negotiation

So, here is the fun part- negotiation. After making contact with the domain owner, now you are in this stage. You have to negotiate carefully. There are some excellent resources. You might want to look up—Harvard Business Review, Symbolics, etc. are the best resource to learn negotiation. Here is a secret I would like to share- do not give your price first. You can start asking this question “is the domain available for sell?” and “if it is for sale, how much price you want for letting it go?”.

Pay for Transfering Ownership

Finally, you have to pay for the domain name. Using a third party is the most protective way of payment. You want a protective process of payment as you work hard enough to get your dream domain. So, choose a suitable payment method and a third party process.

Final Words

So, are you ready to buy your dream domain? Now, you know how to buy a domain name that is already taken. So, hopefully, you will start working on that. You should not give up your hope if you get no as an answer from the domain owner. Wait and check back from time to time. The situation might not remain the same. Maybe the domain owner will change his/ her mind. You might get lucky. Good luck!

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