Doodly Review 2022

Doodly Review 2022
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8.5/10 (Expert Score)
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Looking for a simple drag-and-drop doodle explainer video creator? Then you can add Doodly to your checkout list. For most realistic-looking doodle animated explainer videos this is a go-to tool for many users nowadays. Read our unbiased Doodly review. Is it worth enough for making doodle videos?

With this, you can create realistic-looking Doodle videos for your niche. That helps you to convert your visitors into paying customers. This sort of tool generates simple doodles to illustrate the concept of your video. For animated video production The video becomes informative and entertaining.

This technique helps to increase the engagement of the audience with your content. You can subscribe and opt-out of doodly any time you want as the tool comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

And if you are not crazy enough to try doodly by yourself to understand and get insights into its features then this doodly review is good enough to answer all of your questions.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of doodly explainer video company

8.5Expert Score

Hence we would like to recommend doodly if you are a beginner who has no technical knowledge about graphic design or animation. With doodly create animated explainer video in drag and drop manner.

Doodly Pros:
  • Heavily discounted single annual pricing.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available for Windows systems.
  • Available on both Mac and PC
  • Pre-determined draw path
Doodly Cons
  • Upload images only in the PNG and JPEG formats
  • Must have an Internet Connection to work


Features of doodly

For a better understanding of the doodly performance, let’s have a look at the key features that it offers to its users.

Simple user experience

Doodly is a straight and simple-to-use tool for explainer video production. With its drag and drop system, anyone can create professional-looking doodle videos. Whiteboard, blackboard, or glass board explainer videos draw the attention of the audiences nowadays.

No need for the skill of basic animation even. Simply choose and insert your preferable shapes, characters, and texts. In their rich template library, any explainer video makers will get quite a lot of options to choose from. Quite simple, right?

Stock images

In our research, we have created multiple doodle videos for different niches with Doodly to find out if its resources are compatible enough. And to our pleasure, its stock image library is quite rich.

It save you from building your own basic gallery from the scratch. You will get images of shapes, buildings, people, animals, cars, backgrounds, and many more. And when you start making combinations of colors and styles that just opens the door for unlimited possibilities.

That means a new doodle for every video scribing. Plus you can import your own custom images in PNG or JPEG.

Royalty-free music

Images don’t make the whole presentation, right? You need a catchy background score to go with it. Good for you dooly has a good library of royalty-free audio. This means you can use these tracks without any copyright issues.

SmartDraw technology

This unique technology allows you to draw an image in mere seconds. You can even add your own doodle character in the library of Doodly. It’s called doodly’s SmartDraw technology. With this, you can create point-and-click custom draw paths. It allows you to draw anything then upload it.

Custom voiceover

With Doodly, you can record your own custom voiceover audio directly. You can easily sync the audio and sketch at your convenience. Doodly provides an easy voice recording system. So add your voice to your video to bring out more personality.

Install in multiple devices

Unlike many software Doodly allows the download and installation of it on as many laptops and computers as possible.  This makes Doodly both PC and Mac compatible.

High-quality video files

With Doodly, you can create high-quality videos. Export videos  with resolution  from 360p to 1080p. Frames per second can vary from 24 to 60.

Variety of boards

for your explainer videos you can choose different types of board styles. It offers-

1. Whiteboard
2. Glassboard
3. Greenboard
4. Blackboard

Level of difficulty

Level of difficulty of Doodly

There are easy know-how videos of Doodly that will teach you how this tool operates from the beginning. Here you can learn to create a video, add your images, and even export images and videos to create an engaging Doodly explainer video.

Without any professional animating skills, you can start creating whiteboard animation with Doodly in a few minutes. It cuts you some slack of hiring an animator with the hefty amount for simple doodle explainer videos.

The Workflow of Doodly

The Workflow of Doodly

The workflow here is simply to set a storyboard and plot for your video story. With tools like doodly drag and drop necessary resources and prepare a voiceover. Then sync the sketches with voiceover for the perfect timing of your videos.

From the first start choosing scenes, characters, objects, or texts. Simply drag and drop in the canvas to start working on your video. You can always customize the size, orientation, and which order they come first in layers.

In this doodly review, one thing that I can assure you is that it’s simple to use even for beginners. As there is room for customization you can add your personality and brand identity to each of the videos.

Drawing hands, scene transitions, and speed every resource is open to customization.  And when you are satisfied with the outlay simply add in your music and sound effects as the finishing touch.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Doodly is simple to use whiteboard video maker. Yet it manages to deliver an effective explainer video without you hassling with the technical jargon.  Do you know how to operate a mouse? Bingo! You know how to operate Doodly. Thanks to its drag and drop interface you don’t need to learn anything out of your way.

It would take only a few minutes to get a hang of Doodly even if you are a beginner.

The user interface is so intuitive it almost takes no effort to work with doodly. As doodly provides instructional videos you can speed up your exploring the tool process.

The signup process is super easy as well. Visit Doodly’s website and simply click on “Order Now”. then fill up the payment details. And there you have it your whiteboard animation tool is all set to work as your private animator.

Happy creating.


Pricing of Doodly

With Doodly, you can get two plans with different pricing and features. They are standard and enterprise. Here are the details.

the Unlimited number of videos
Usage on Multiple Computers
Premium Support
803 Character images
1,157 Prop images
84 Scene Templates
100 Royalty-Free Music Tracks
No Access to Doodly Club
Unlimited number of videos
Usage on Multiple Computers
Premium Support
3,596 Character images
3,000 Prop images
84 Scene Templates
150 Royalty-Free Music Tracks
Access to Doodly Club

Alternatives of doodly

Alternatives of doodly

Want to know what else the market has to offer instead of doodly? Here we go.


Better Custom draw feature than Doodly. But you won’t be able to import fonts. It’s best for you if you want more resources at a lesser cost.


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Price may vary according to VideoScribe authority (In post Offer block)
Doodle Maker

This video-making tool comes with a large number of stock images. But it doesn’t provide custom draw paths. If you want unlimited stock images then this tool might delight you.

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Summary of Doodly Review

As Best Info Lab is determined to give you the most unbiased review We didn’t only just rely on our in-house research. We have dug deep into other users’ honest Doodly reviews.

It usually easily get a four out of five rating from most of its users. Even on the expert’s forum. The common reason behind its high rating is its ease of use. Even individuals who have no luck in graphic designing or animation even they can create whiteboard animation videos with Doodly.

They love it as it delivers professional-looking videos in a few minutes.

But there are some disappointments as well in terms of the pricing of the product. Buying functions on top of the one-time fee puts many people off. If you ignore that Doodly is adored by many of its users.

Hence we would like to recommend Doodly if you are a beginner who has no technical knowledge about graphic design or animation. With Doodly create animated explainer video in drag and drop manner.

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