18 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog in (2023)

On the couch with a bag full of chips I was wondering “should I start a blog?” right after that very moment my alter ego who is full of suspicions asked me why you should start a blog? When I listed plenty of good reasons only then did I make up my mind.

That’s how my blogging career kickstarted.

I’ll admit the initial days were so confusing. I wasted so much time procrastinating and tossing and turning. Finally cold gather some focus and just started writing. I just hit the published button and thought the job is done.

But was it actually?

With time I learned how to manage a blog. Starting from writing to editing and monitoring. The journey wasn’t easy but it was essential for a few reasons. I found mine I hope here you will also find a few reasons why you should start a blog.

Here are 18 unexpected reasons why you should start a blog in 2022!


Reason to Start Blogging: You Love Writing

You Love Writing

I do! 

I get caught up in the creative process, putting my thoughts onto the computer. The fact that people are responding to it is just the cherry on the cake. You don’t have to be a pro at writing. But you should have the interest to communicate through your writing.


It’s all about power. It’s posting something on the internet that will make someone cry, smile, or maybe alter their life. They might make big decisions depending on your writing. 

And if you want to change the world with your words, beginning a blog may be a good place to start.

But this is simply a heads-up. There’s a LOT of writing involved. So start a blog because you enjoy writing, but also because you believe you could write a lot about anything.

I hope this was a great start for why start blogging. 


Start A Blog to Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Yes, blogs can be your cash cow.

Some people get this by selling coaching, courses, or memberships. Some people offer offline services such as speaking. We do it by affiliate marketing.

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Some of the greatest blogs earn more than $100,000… every month.

If you establish a blog strategically, and I do mean strategically–it takes some learning–you can ultimately make some or all of your money from it.

I have to warn you. It requires a lot of hard effort and improvement over a Long time. It is not for the weak heart.

But some of us couldn’t imagine living any other way. So if you are wondering should I start blogging. Then also answer if you want to make it your full-time job?


Start Blogging To Become an Authority

To Become an Authority

Blogs provide authority. It makes people trust you. 

We all believe information found on the internet to a wide extent. 

And the internet knows everything.

Now, there are social challenges to address regarding trustworthiness and fact-checking. But, for the purposes of this content, let’s pretend you know what you’re talking about and have something valuable to share with the rest of the world.

A blog, regardless of your niche, generates a perception of authority. The more you write, the more people will see you as an authority in your field.

Indeed, blogging may convert into offline authority, and the correct blog can position you as a sought-after speaker or thought leader.


Start Blogging to Build your Brand

Build your Brand

Yes, a good blog may help your personal branding.

Of course, this is related to “establishing authority.” However, a personal brand is not the same as subject authority.

It is the overall impression that others have of you. It might be your understanding of something, but it could also be your voice, competence, and talents.

People will hire or pay you based on your brand.

This brings us to…


Blogging Can Help You to Set Yourself Up for a Job Change

Career Changes

Again, riffing on the whole “building authority” notion, a blog may be a terrific way to set yourself up for a job change. 

I began writing with SEO, blogging, and digital world solutions before I ever imagined working in this field, yet my blog is now recognized on job sites.

I also now advise IT firms on SEO and content.

It’s been an incredible method for me to transition away from public policy, which is what I was doing before this.

Whatever your transition entails, a blog may assist you in making a professional move to a new sector.

Wondering should I start a blog? Keep scrolling for more clarification.


Start Your Own Blog to Help People

Help People
Help People by blogging

Information are scattered all around the world. But we still need people who can help us to make this information easy to understand.

There are mountains of information available on every given subject. Most of it stays in a few people’s heads and on the pages of ancient books.

I know a lot of clever fellas who complain that the rest of the world isn’t interested in what they know.

People would want to know it, I believe, if they could explain it better (at least some of it).

We do not have a knowledge gap. We have a communication breakdown.

Good knowledge is drowned out by an onslaught of garbage, and those who know what they’re talking about don’t know how to convey it.

Perhaps you have what it takes to be a teacher.

Blogs are an excellent approach to teaching since they are non-threatening and easily accessible (when done well). Why not turn the world into your school and share what you’ve learned?

You will help others.


Open the Doors of Opportunity by Blogging 😊

Opens the Doors of Opportunity

Becoming acknowledged as an expert and authority in your specialty may lead to a plethora of options, such as media changes, brand collaborations, sponsored posts, book deals, money-can’t-buy-this-type experiences, and more.

That’s why you should start a blog.


Develops Your Expertise by Blogging

Develops Your Expertise

The wonderful thing about blogging is that you don’t have to start out as an expert. very popular blogs were started by people who had no expertise but went on to develop their expertise through their blogging journey. 

such as weight loss bloggers who started their blogs to document the steps they were taking to lose weight and who now use their blogs to teach others how to lose weight. 

Or financial bloggers who began their blogs to describe how they were attempting to pay off their mortgage early and are now teaching others how to manage their finances.


Start A Blog and Be Your Own Boss

 Be your own Boss

Blogging allows you to be your own boss. work the hours you choose, and make your own decisions. You have complete control over what you write, how you build your site, how much time you devote to your blog each week, and how you monetize your blog. You don’t have a boss or an editor breathing down your neck, and you have the flexibility to work the way you choose.


Start Blogging and Be Self-motivated

Be Self-motivated

Of course, the disadvantage of not having a boss is that you must be self-motivated to succeed. But I can assure you that there is nothing more motivating than knowing that your efforts will have a direct impact on your money account! 

Blogging offers you vital life lessons such as self-motivation, goal setting, planning, and time management.


Blogging Boosts Your Confidence

Boosts Your Confidence

Blogging would surely boost your self-esteem. I remember how anxious I was to put my words out there when I first started writing. it was a terrifying concept. 

But blogging has gradually increased my confidence to the point where I am not only comfortable writing and sharing my knowledge, ideas, and opinions on my own blog, but I am also comfortable charging for my knowledge through courses and events and even standing in front of a room full of people to share my ideas at a conference. 

And, of course, nothing boosts confidence like being able to say you developed your own extremely lucrative firm from the ground up!


Develop Your Tech Skills by Starting a Blog

Develops Your Tech Skills

I had ZERO digital skills when I started my blog in 2015 — well, OK, I could send an email, make a Word document, and buy things from the internet, but that was about it! Contrary to common misconception, you do not need to be a “techie” to begin a blog. Yes, there is a technical aspect to blogging, but it’s simple to master the basics and gradually pick up the rest… There are always other bloggers that will assist you if you get stuck!


Build Your Own Community by Making a Blog

Blogging Community
Build Your own community by starting a blog

The Awesome blogging community is one of the Immense benefits of beginning a blog. While ‘other bloggers’ are technically your competitors, they are also your coworkers, friends, support network, and cheerleaders. 

Do you have a problem with your blog? 

The blogging community will have your back. 

Are you having a rough day? 

The blogging community will lift your spirits. 

Have you reached a blogging milestone that only other bloggers completely understand? 

The blogging community will join you in your celebration.


There’s always another blogger online at that moment to talk to.


Rank Higher in Search Engine by Blogging

Blog Content is SEO friendly

why you should start a blog?

If you currently have a business, product, or service and want to attract a larger audience, blogging is essential. Search engines like websites that consistently provide high-quality blog content will reward you with higher search engine rankings on the topics you write about.


Start Blogging to Attract Your Audience

Attracts Audience

You need an audience if you have a business, a charity, or a cause that you are passionate about. By creating high-quality blog content on a regular basis and increasing your search engine traffic and authority, you will begin to attract the right people to your website.

That’s why start blogging.  

people who are interested in what you have to say, people who may be interested in buying your products or services, supporting your charity, or joining you in your cause. A blog allows you to express your thoughts, advertise your business, and create credibility.


Blogging Can Help You to Sell Your eBook or Publish a Book in Market

Publishing a Book

If you want to create a book, blogging might be the first step toward getting a publishing contract. I personally know several bloggers who received their first book contract as a result of their blogs. 

Blogs may help you secure book deals in a variety of ways. they highlight your expertise on the subject, they exhibit your writing talents, and they show potential publishers and agents that there is an audience for your book concept in a very quantitative way. 

Even better, once your book is released, you’ll have a built-in platform for selling it!


Start Blogging for Media Opportunities

Media Opportunities

Perhaps your ambition is to write for magazines or newspapers or to appear on radio or television. Again, blogging may be a terrific way to get started. Blogging establishes your authority on a subject. and if that subject becomes a media topic, you may grasp the chance to fulfill your media aspirations. 

I know plenty of bloggers who routinely appear on TV, are interviewed on the radio and write for print media because of their blogs.


Start Blogging for Your Personal Growth

Personal Growth

It’s tough for me to put into words the enormous path of self-development and personal improvement you go on as a blogger. It’s far more than just acquiring new skills and gaining confidence from starting and managing a successful firm. 

It significantly alters your identity as a person. It teaches you to be more patient, and resilient, take chances, grasp opportunities, say no to the wrong things and pursue the right things, spend money wisely, plan properly, create objectives, be resourceful, manage your time well, to learn rapidly, and much more. 

I can state without a doubt that blogging has made me a better person.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Start a Blog


why you should start a blog? I have given all the best reasons that I could have to think of this one sitting. Still, there are more. Which ones have I missed? Let me know in the comment section.

And What exactly are you waiting for? If you’re ready to start a blog then your time starts now.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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