My “Aha” Moment with Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Aren’t doodle videos on YouTube cute? They grab attention and convey messages quickly. A thirty seconds video conveys thousands of words. Hey! don’t begin to calculate, will you? I am talking about illustrations given by animations and doodles. They are eye-pleasing and don’t stress you out with loads of information that bore you to death.

Instead, they deliver their message in a metaphoric way. You can also achieve this ability to convey messages. I’ve always wanted to master this trick. But oh boy! I’m not a professionally skilled animator. I regretted that for so long. Outsourcing whiteboard animation was also a pocket crunch.

For all this I almost dropped the idea of promoting my blogs through whiteboard animation. But then I came across the fact that there are software and AI video makers that can actually generate whiteboard animation automatically. To my amusement even in mere minutes. when I tried it for the first time I went like “ aha, that’s what I was looking for ”.

Downsides of Old Whiteboard Animation Methods

Downsides of Old Whiteboard Animation Methods

As I was saying, I wanted to have whiteboard animation so bad that I almost tried every existing method. From hiring freelancers to using tools that need 2 hours to generate a 90 seconds video I have tried it all. Every method had one or the other kind of drawbacks. In my journey of searching for the perfect way to get whiteboard animation, I’ve come across the following problems.

Requires Technical Skill

We should never forget the fact that animation is actually a skill and thousands of people have taken it as a profession. So obviously it isn’t easy. And me trying animation is a complete no-no. trust me I’ve tried it. I just don’t have the skill. Kudos to all the amazing animators out there.

Expensive Tools

As I don’t have the skill so I tried my hands on the tools for doodle animation. To be honest they are expensive. Maintaining a monthly subscription can get out of budget. This disheartens me a lot.

Limited Features

Even the expensive doodle makers come with really limited features on their front end. Which is equal to almost getting nothing. To get more you have to subscribe to their premium edition which means more expense. It’s not economical at all if you want to make some profit out of it.

Lengthy Process

Even the expensive tools take hours to generate short whiteboard doodles. For a content creator that’s a massive drawback.

Outsourcing Is Expensive

Again back to the professionals. Animators are masters of this art and they sell their service in exchange for money on various outsourcing platforms. But I guess I haven’t reached the ability to hire them yet.

Why I prefer

Why I prefer whiteboard animation software now

All the issues mentioned above made me realize why whiteboard animation was so tough to get on a continuous basis. So I shelved my desire for whiteboard animation for a long time. Until I found my knight and shining armor “ the whiteboard animation software”. Exactly the thing I was looking for so long. And its features made me want more. Have a look.

Artificial intelligence

The best whiteboard animation software has artificial intelligence. For this feature, you can get animations ready without doing anything but giving commands or providing a script. The AI of this software will read the text and convert it into a relevant doodle video. You don’t even have to move a muscle.

Ready to use templates

Whiteboard video maker has 300+ ready-to-use templates in its frontend. So never repeat the same sort of doodle twice. Isn’t that what we want? the unlimited options.

Simple UI

I was amazed by its user interface. For my past experiences, I had a perception in mind that this sort of software will be hasty to use. But to my surprise, this software has a user interface similar to any mobile app. Super easy and user-friendly. Exactly what I wanted. So I was happy. I am not a techie, I told you.

Drag and drop video editor

Adding to its simple user interface experience this animation software has a drag and drop editing option. So making top-notch doodle videos has become like putting stickers on your notebooks.

Royalty free music library

Music copyright strike! the nightmare of every content creator. Youtubers reading this blog will agree with me. Comment down below if you ever faced it. Now, what if I tell you I have a solution for this?  The answer is the best animation software again. It has a melodious and catchy music archive all set to tune with your doodle video. All of it is completely exclusive and royalty-free.

Cloud storage

Don’t call any software updated if it doesn’t have cloud storage. It is the basic backup now and saves space in devices. Save your animations in complete cloud storage without any warning of storage running out.

High quality

1080p! Yes. get 1080p videos from an automated doodle video maker. Perfect for uploading on YouTube and social media. So no quality complaints from viewers. Great for commercial purposes.

Unique videos

As there are a number of templates to choose from and you can customize it the way you want. Giving you unique videos each time.

Commercial rights

All the elements of this software come with commercial rights. You can use them in your whiteboard animation without any hesitation. It’s a great opportunity if you want to sell the videos on a commercial basis. It gives you white label access. Isn’t that great?

Convert text to speech

Don’t have time or confidence to give your voiceover? No worries.  Just write down your message and give it to the software. It will convert your text to a speech. You can choose between languages, voice artists and accents. So the end video comes out just the way you wanted. No awkward surprises. 

Transition control

Another big downside of other animation tools was less control of the video playtime. But in this whiteboard animation software, you can easily control the time and style of transition of every slide of the video. 


Benefits of Whiteboard Animation

With whiteboard animations, you get a clean platform to highlight the message of your video. It grabs attention and delivers information in a simple, less stressful manner.  You can see the results  eventually  with-

  • Impactful doodle videos
  • Higher conversion 
  • Passive business growth
  • Easy to use
  • Profitable
  • Customizable
  • Saves time and money

Can help you in 

Can help you in 

With all these benefits, reaching goals becomes much easier.  In my opinion, a doodle animation video software  can help you with,

  • Branding: A compelling brand image is the ultimate desire of every organization.  As this software is fully customizable you can easily add pictures as your brand logo in every video. Which will represent you to visitors and viewers.  Building your brand identity. 
  • Social Media: Everything on social media is instant! Instant views and instant likes. You have to understand The viewers there don’t have time. So you have to deliver your message as fast as possible. Whiteboard animation is a great way to do that. Many influencers and business personnel are enjoying its profits. What are you waiting for?
  • Coaching: Seeing is one of the best forms of learning. We remember well what we see. If you are in the training & coaching industry you can easily educate your students with informative and entertaining videos like this.
  • Successful campaigns: The father of advertising David Ogilvy also advocates for bringing simplicity in advertising campaigns. And what better way to run a campaign than including cute doodle videos in it?
  • Agency work: The work of a digital agency is hectic. An agency needs loads of professional-looking content for each of its customers. As doodle videos are high in demand now you should prepare yourself for these sorts of demands. To generate it in such a way that some profit is left for you also you should definitely go for animation software. 
  • Affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is growing rapidly. More and more professionals and experts are getting on board now. An engaging doodle video is perfect to influence your visitor to click on that link.
  • e-Commerce: let’s acknowledge the fact that e-commerce is giving tough competition to all the physical shops out there. The key is their engagement with audiences. They can also benefit from this software.
  • Lead Generation: Lead generation is the most toughest and crucial part of the business right now. If you don’t impress your audience instantly they won’t leave any leads for you. To achieve that engaging and informative video can be a great help.

Who can use it 

Who can use it 

For the level of customizations, almost anyone can make the best out of this software. No Matter what you are.

  • Content Creator
  • Freelancer
  • Business personnel 
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Author
  • Blogger

You can surely customize a template or build from scratch to make unlimited stunning whiteboard animations.



What's whiteboard animation software?

It’s an automated tool that helps to generate professional-looking whiteboard animation videos at a low cost. There you can have pre-designed templates or make a video from scratch. A great alternative to hiring costly animators.

What are the alternatives of whiteboard animation?

Instead of whiteboard animation, you can go for blackboard and glass board also. In blackboard animation, your selected doodle and idea will be presented on a sleek-looking blackboard. In a glass board, the idea is presented on a transparent glass panel giving a modern look.

Are animation software multilingual?

Yes, this software is multilingual. You can even convert text to speech in multiple languages and accents.

Please Take Me There
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The world is thriving towards instant pleasure. Don’t bore your audience to death with manuals videos. I hope you will also be amazed by the new door of possibilities that whiteboard animation software opens. Let’s get on board together.

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