How to Build an eCommerce Business using Fiverr without Skills (or products)

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own e-commerce business, the year 2022 is the best thing that could have happened to you. Doesn’t that sound a little contentious?

What if I told you that you could have your own e-store with no technical knowledge (website/graphic design, marketing, ads, SEO) or even a PRODUCT? Again, a contentious issue? Please allow me to explain.

As a result, the virus brought the world to a halt. This means that supermarkets, shopping malls, and even small-town stores are inoperable.

But did we stop eating, shopping, and getting necessities? No. We’ve been blessed with this thing called the “Internet,” and we’ve begun ordering things online, haven’t we?

Did you know that the average everyday product will see a 277 percent increase in sales in 2022? The point is that the world is shopping online, and you can get a piece of the pie by starting your own e-commerce store.

Perhaps you already had the concept but lacked the necessary skills. Perhaps you have the skills but lack the time? Perhaps you have “some” of the skills but not all of them.

Whatever the case may be, if e-commerce is what you require, this guide is for you. (I recommend that you keep reading even if you aren’t interested in e-commerce yet; you might change your mind.)

Why should you read this article?

  • You will be able to run your own e-commerce store and generate revenue through automation.
  • You don’t need any “computer skills” (you’re already overqualified if you found and are currently reading this article.)
  • You don’t even need your own product! (Hello, dropshipping!)
  • Everything is taken care of, including graphic design, customer service, SEO, marketing, ads, and everything in between.
  • You’ll most likely make a lot of money.

What you’ll need to create your own e-commerce business?

When you see Jeff Bezos making billions with Amazon, it does sound a lot more complicated. Creating your own e-commerce website, on the other hand, is surprisingly simple. All you need are the following:

  • An online store.
  • A product is (optional, truly).
  • Customer service and marketing (social media, search engines, YouTube, and so on).

But you don’t have any of them, do you?

What if you could hire the best experts to do it for you? You’re thinking that in order to cover all the bases, you’ll have to talk to so many people on so many different platforms.

It also appears to be quite pricey, doesn’t it? Consider this-

“A fully automated, fully functional e-commerce store for less than your 6-month lunch budget”

In a nutshell, Fiverr.


What is Fiverr and how can it help start or scale your e commerce business?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Fiverr by now. It’s a platform that connects people like you (who need something done) with people who can do it.

It is a publicly traded company that has been in operation for ten years. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Fiverr is “the” best and most popular freelancing platform on the planet.

When it comes to e-commerce, Fiverr has streamlined the process into a very appealing package.

Fiverr has created a dedicated Dropshipping module. It handles everything from website design to product selection, marketing, and even customer service!

Fiverr Gigs

This allows you to reduce your budget and hire only for the skills you require. You don’t have to seek assistance for everything. You only pay for certain tasks!

It’s also less expensive to hire experts on Fiverr. In what way? To begin with, learning to set up your own shop, run ads, design graphics, and manage social media is an enormous investment in terms of “time.”

Second, if you only learned ads, you’d probably burn through 4-5x your “Fiverr price.” Even so, nothing is guaranteed. Isn’t it simply cheaper to commit X amount of money to the project and benefit from the person’s years of experience?

The Fiverr advantage

Because of its “transparency,” Fiverr is more practical. Before you hire someone, Fiverr provides you with information about their professional history.

You’ll be able to see how many sales the freelancer has made, their overall rating, and even special tags that highlight special talent.


Most seller profiles include a list of their previous work. This allows you to gain firsthand knowledge of the freelancer’s potential.

It also displays the seller’s joining date, the last date the seller delivered a project, and the average response time.

Furthermore, there are genuine reviews from real users who have collaborated with these freelancers. The ratings are even classified for a more in-depth understanding of the individual.


Finally, there are no scams at all. Fiverr acts as an escrow service, paying the seller only after the project has been completed.

Let’s walk through the steps. Forget everything I’ve said up to this point. Why not begin your e-commerce journey right now?

Yes, without a website, a product, or even a plan, let’s just get started (jump off the cliff and build a plane on the way down).

How to Build an E-commerce Business using Fiverr without Skills (or products)
Read this full step-by-step guide to create your own eCommerce business without any skills or products.
Step 1: You need a website

What is the very first step? You require a website. Imagine having an A.I assistant (similar to Iron Man) who did everything for you. That’s how Fiverr will feel in the next few seconds.

So, Fiver has a 7-click website building process. It only takes 7 clicks to select your requirements. At most, the process takes less than 5 minutes!

You’ll be presented with several options; simply select the one that best suits you:

build a website with fiverr

Fiverr will show you 1 freelancer who is best-suited for your job at the end of the 7 answers. This choice is based on your responses and is always within your budget.

Certain things are guaranteed because Fiverr A.I chose the person. First and foremost, you just saved dozens of hours of time spent manually selecting the right guy (or girl) for the job.

Second, this individual will almost certainly have hundreds of orders, the best reviews, and a well-established reputation. This means you’re in good hands.

Get a website you’ve always wanted
Step 2: Get yourself a product (or, don’t)
You’ll have your website up and running in a matter of days. You’ll need a product to sell now, won’t you? Of course, this is only for those who do not already have their own products.

You can skip to the next section if you already have a product to sell. What if you don’t even have a product? You can still “dropship,” right?

If you’re completely lost, dropshipping is the process of creating an e-commerce website and selling someone else’s products.

Orders are placed on your website by visitors, but they are automatically forwarded to your source (the product manufacturer/owner). You are not required to keep the products in stock or ship them.

Is it effective?

“Dropshipping can make millions, here’s proof

Now you can go out there and spend hours looking for the right product that isn’t saturated, in demand, reasonably priced, and of high quality. This could take weeks, and you could still end up with a product that doesn’t work.

Alternatively, you can go to Fiverr’s dropshipping page and hire a product expert!


These are the people who have the in-depth knowledge needed to find a winning product. They understand what metrics to look for, what works and what doesn’t, what the potential is for the future, and everything else.

When it comes to pricing, even the best-rated sellers charge less than $50.00. Given that these are the “best” candidates for the job, don’t you think that’s a very reasonable one-time fee?
Step 3: Inventory and listing
You’ll need to add your products to your website if you already have them, right?

When it comes to product inventory, a lot of factors come into play. You can’t just pull out your iPhone, take pictures, and write, “This is the best ice cream maker, buy it.” You certainly can, but will it sell? This is debatable.

So, once again, Fiverr comes to the rescue. Again, a section for product management can be found on the Dropshipping page.

This will include:

👉 Descriptions for the product
👉 Professional product photography
👉 Explanatory, marketable videos
👉 Editing
👉 Support staff for live-chat and email responses.

You can hire people to do all or some of these jobs.
Step 4: Marketing

You should have completed your website, products, and inventory listings by now.

It’s now time to start selling. Isn’t it nice if it was that simple? Even the best products will fail if they are not properly marketed, won’t they?

You may now be a tech whiz and/or an accomplished designer. However, this does not necessarily imply that you can market as well.

Again, Fiverr has specialists or at the very least people with experience who can assist with:

👉 Strategies for marketing
👉 Marketing on social media
👉 Advertisements on podcasts
👉 Aside from video ads, there’s a lot more

Again, they can be found on the Dropshipping page. Check the reviews and ratings, find someone who is within your budget, and you’re done.

If you’re reading this, it’s obvious that you’ve thought about how to get your website, products, professional listing, and marketing plan. Isn’t that everything covered?

Finding freelancers manually

Assume you aren’t using Shopify’s dedicated e-commerce page for some reason.

You can still use the Fiverr search bar to find work. All you have to do is type “e-commerce/dropshipping/online selling” or something similar.

Fiverr then displays everyone who can assist you, as well as a plethora of filters to narrow down your search.

For example, you can specify which aspect of your e-commerce business requires assistance-


Then you can select the core platform, as well as additional plugins (payment integrations, shipping, chat, inventory, and so on).


Seller level, country, language, project budget, and expected delivery time can all be specified.

Overall, you can find someone to assist you with your e-commerce business regardless of your previous experience or skills.

Are Fiverr “experts” truly experts?

I’ll be honest with you. Any John Dash from down the street can set up a Fiverr profile. So, should you even trust one of these guys with your dream project?

This is where the Fiverr transparency comes in handy. Before hiring a seller, as previously stated, you can check their level, previous sales, and customer reviews.

However, there is also a category known as “Pro services.” These are only given to the most successful, well-known, and well-established freelancers in their respective fields.


These sellers are more expensive than others on Fiverr, but they are the platform’s most skilled freelancers.

In a nutshell, yes, Fiverr has enough indicators to tell us which freelancers are truly skilled and which are just starting out.

Do you already have a store? You can Fiverr-scale it!

Isn’t it true that not everyone reading this is new to e-commerce? Perhaps you already have an e-commerce website. Is it true that you’re not seeing enough sales?

Fiverr now offers a variety of services that can assist you in “scaling” your marketplace.

Simply go to the Fiverr homepage and click on the e-commerce development option in the left-sidebar.

Your issue could be cosmetic (looks/layout/design), technical (speed/bugs), service (customer support), or something else entirely. Fortunately, Fiverr appears to cover all bases.

Even if you don’t have a problem yet, can’t you scale it with Fiverr? For example, you could experiment with a new form of advertising, such as video ads. What is social media? Is there anything else?

Wrap Up

So, do you think you have what it takes to run an e-commerce business? Totally. In fact, if you get started right away, you can have a fully functional e-commerce site that generates passive income for you on autopilot in less than a week.

As previously stated, contrary to popular belief, Fiverr is actually less expensive than doing everything yourself. Not only do you save money, but you also save time, which you can use for whatever you want.

E-commerce isn’t going away anytime soon. You might not be the next Amazon. However, there is an ever-increasing demand for products, creating a market for you (especially due to the pandemic.)

That’s all for now; click here and get to work. Determine where you require assistance and then enlist the assistance of someone who can assist you.


How can I grow my business on Fiverr?

Here are some pointers to consider as you begin to establish your presence on Fiverr.
  • Get back to basics.
  • Include a performance video.
  • Check that your gig delivery time is reasonable.
  • Use SEO to increase the visibility of your gig.
  • Make your profile stand out from the crowd.
  • Download the app.
  • Examine the best practices.
  • Learn how to go above and beyond $5.

What three things are required for eCommerce?

What exactly are the components of eCommerce? This article discusses three aspects of eCommerce: customer experience, back-end integration, and digital marketing. These three elements, when combined, ensure that your e-commerce business connects with and converts potential customers who visit your online store.

How do beginners get clients on Fiverr?

Fiverr makes it simple to share your gigs on social media with friends and connections. You can promote your gig on Facebook, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you can think of! Find groups or pages on social media where you believe your services would be appreciated or required. Simply post your Fiverr gig there and try to find buyers that way!

How can I increase my impression gig on Fiverr?

You can only increase your impressions or clicks by promoting your gig. NO! Gig promotion DOES NOT INCREASE IMPRESSIONS. Impressions are only increased when other people search for gigs similar to yours, and only when they search in the Fiverr search system of their own choosing.

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