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Is choosing a domain name has become the biggest hurdle of having a domain name? C’mon. It’s not that hard but I have to admit it isn’t that easy either. Your whole virtual identity depends partially on your domain name. So you have to have a name that you can be proud of.

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing a domain name. Yet you should maintain some basic standards that help your domain to shine in the long run.

Here I’ve shortlisted 5 basic tips to choose your desired domain. Read on, cause at the end I’ll give you one bonus tip. Because you are my favorite. Okay, just one quick mention: Anyone who does a little research before doing something has all my respect.

You are one of them. Enough of the intro talk let’s open up the cheat sheet of choosing a domain name.

Something Memorable

Name your domain something that is easy to remember. Something that’s easy to spell and pronounce. Also check if it is related to your business. Always keep your purpose in mind. It will help to anchor some sense to your domain.

For instance if you have a pet shop naming your domain “pretty pet” can be easy to remember and serves your business purpose as well.

Here are some domain name ideas that are easy to remember.

  • Beauty secrets [for beauty niche]
  • Live Louder [ for lifestyle niche]
  • The Shot [ for photography niche ]

I hope now you get the idea. The mantra is to give your audience an anchor to remember your domain name and its purpose.

Keep it short

Short & sweet. Less is more. As you can’t use any space in between your domain name and extension it is wise to use short words. Something long and unique might seem interesting and close to your heart.

But you have to remember that the audience can’t relate to that name’s emotion as much as you do. For them it’s just a name. The best you can do for them is to give them something totally uncomplicated to identify you.

So use short words to avoid confusion. For instance–

  • Pro Click
  • Loved Life
  • Blush and rush

Use keywords

The idea of keywords might be confusing to some. Let me discuss it again using the anchor theory. Suppose you run a shipping service. Now, what do you want? People who are searching for shipments. Align this with your domain name to get the best traffic which is constantly searching for shipments.

You can also use keywords used before in your web content if you already have them. It helps search engine robots to rank your site. It helps to sort you into categories so that you can reach your desired audience. You should never overdo it. As it’ll make you seem a little bit pushy. Align your keywords like–

  • Face beauty [for beauty-related domain]
  • Life Inspirations [for lifestyle-related domain]
  • Macro Photography [ domain related to photography]

Do some research

As I said before, people doing research have my optimum respect. You should also try and test the uniqueness of your desired domain name.

I hope I’m not the first one to tell you that your domain has to be unique. You can’t take preoccupied domain names.

Think of it as like owning real estate in the virtual world. Once it’s yours then it’s yours until you resell it. So do check your domain name availability to avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

The unique domain also helps the search engine bots to index your domain separately. So that you can show up when someone hits the search button with your Unique domain name.

Extension that fits

Use an extension that fits your purpose of having that domain name. There are extensions like

.com [commercial]
.org [organization]
.net [network]
.edu [education]
.int [International]

The most desired one is. Yes, you’ve guessed it right .com. see if you have the availability of that.

Bonus tip

At the beginning, I told you that I’m gonna give you a Pro-tip. And that is. [Drum roll]. Grab it as quickly as you can.

Every day thousands of trendy, cute, unique domain names are getting occupied. How long will you dig that dictionary for words?
Act fast and purchase the domain name as soon as you see it available. You can own a domain from–

Summing up

A domain name is the first building block of your virtual identity. Make it worthy. Find a great combination of simple keywords that is easy to remember for your audience. The more Catchy it is the more traffic engagement it will get.

They say what’s in a name. Well, there’s a huge possibility of traffic generating in a name. Duh. Choose the best domain name to have the best online confidence. Good luck.

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