Wix Review | 10 Things You Must Know in 2022

wix review
Highly Involuntary and Easy-to-Use Editor
Rich Template Library
Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)
Great Value for Money and Dedicated Service
Highest Public Recommendation of Any Site Builder

Want to have a stunning website but are not in the mood to sell your fortune to hire a developer then try Wix. A perfect website builder which can give you a drag and drop platform to build your website.

With its interactive user experience, you can easily build a website without being tech-savvy. For this review, I’ve tried to sum up all the insights of Wix so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

  • Highly Involuntary and Easy-to-Use Editor
  • Rich Template Library
  • Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)
  • Great Value for Money and Dedicated Service
  • Highest Public Recommendation of Any Site Builder
  • Can not change templates when your site goes live
  • The free plan has Wix branding
  • May Need to invest more in third-party programs to scale your Site
Wix Website Builder
Start your journey to make your dream website by taking the first step and trying Wix for free

What’s Wix?

Wix has earned its name and fame as a website builder long ago. It is a perfect solution for non-tech users to construct their own site. As they won’t have to hire a professional web developer it saves them a lot of money.

What Wix tried to do is give normal people the power to design and develop a website. That means you don’t have to be a professional web developer to build a basic website. Previously Wix was a Flash-based platform. To mitigate problems associated with Flash Wix team shifted their foundation technologies to HTML5 in March 2012.

Which was a great success! It reduced glitches and issues happening on the Wix platform. This shift ended in an annual profit of around $60 million.

Here are the top 10 facts you need to know about Wix–

WIX is Extremely Easy to Use

Wix is considered to be one of the best user-friendly and drag & drop site builders available in the industry. What you see in wix is what you get. Website building is a cup of tea as its building process is mostly just dragging & dropping.

This allows the user to select, resize, and place any digital object within the system. Unlike most other website builders, wix doesn’t restrict you drag & drop place prefixed. In wix you can drag and drop each element the way you want and wherever you want.

You can also animate text and other components.

That is the reason many companies are using this platform to showcase their photography, design services, freelance skills. A convenient way to spread your talent and services in the vast world of the internet. The customization is easier as they provide very marketplace-specific tools and functionality.

Which has helped many start-up companies to afford a website without hefty year-end bills and tech-savvy employee hiringThough the website builder industry is growing rapidly still wix is providing an ample amount of services at a reasonable price.  Let’s see some examples that are created by Wix.

With wix you can have a standard website even if you are,

  1. Small businesses
  2. eCommerce Store
  3. Cafes and restaurants
  4. Hotels and hospitality
  5. Graphic designers
  6. Musicians
  7. Photographers

Wix’s templates, tools, and apps are ready to tackle any niche.  Are you still wondering what a website builder is? Before I dive deep into reviewing wix as a website builder let me tell you in jest what a website builder is.

Basically, A website builder is an internet platform that helps you create your own site without coding.

The website builder can be categorized into two types,

  1. Traditional template-based platforms
  2. Modern  AI (Artificial Intelligence) platforms.

Traditional builder

It lets you pick from a large range of pre-designed templates. From there you can easily customize the template and then fill it with all your personal content, adding useful features as you go.

AI website builder

It operates by requesting a series of queries. For instance what kind of website you would like, and your layout preferences. After finishing the query it creates a site for you. Totally based on its artificial intelligence.

You can still make some custom changes to the design. But the point is these kinds of website builder works if you quickly want a website.

Wondering what type of website builder wix is?

Wix is a classic template site builder along with an AI platform. Which means best of both worlds. Here you can pick from over 500 industry-specific templates. You can also use its stunning drag-and-drop editor.

Though wix is bluntly recommended by many reviewers here in the best info lab we will only recommend it if it passes our tough tried and tested parameters. We take the responsibility of scratching beneath the surface and inform you exactly how good it is.

Mid this review you will learn about its strengths and weaknesses. You will also be able to tell how suitable Wix is to get different types of websites, and how it fails once we put it through its paces.

How Easy to use Wix?

We have asked a bunch of everyday people to try Wix and tell us what they experienced.
The feedback was mostly positive. They loved Wix! Here are only a few of their thoughts:

“I used Wix to build my own site and several sites for clients. I have used other site builder platforms but I prefer working in Wix. It is easy to use, the designs are great and you can customize them to anyone’s taste. The customer service has been excellent and the price can’t be beaten for what all you get…”
“Once I’d got to grips with it, it became really simple. I can see myself definitely using Wix to actually create my Personal site”

Wix gives you two options to build your website-

  1. Wix Editor
  2. Wix ADI

Wix Editor

With Wix Editor you will get drag-and-drop functionality. That means anything on your website can be repositioned simply by clicking and holding the item, then transferring it where you want.

Wix Editor
Building a website with Wix is super simple. You can choose between the Wix Editor, where you edit a template, or Wix ADI, which creates a personalized website for you in minutes.


I guess you are familiar with the phrase artificial intelligence. It’s everywhere now. Wix is using this technology as well. With its existence, You can add website design to this listing. 

Wix didn’t just add artificial intelligence to its feature it has utilized it quite well. Wix describes it as Artificial Design Intelligence” (ADI). which helps you to make a website automatically for you, right before your own eyes.

It removes challenges like time, content creation, and design and gives you a clean slate to customize your website just by telling what you want in your website.

It’s a boon for small business owners. As they normally have very little time to build a website. They also can be on a tight budget while building a website for the first time.

With Wix ADI your website will be made on autopilot mode. You just have to answer some questions regarding the kind of website you will prefer to have. You can take part in the edit before the final customization.

It’s almost similar to playing with a game on your phone in comparison with some consoles. 

If you are comfortable with coding the wix has another option for you. Which is Wix Code. it allows you to edit and get the HTML supporting your template for customization. This category allows you to dig deep.

Customer Satisfaction

We asked users if they would recommend it after everyone finished examining Wix. which mostly answered on a positive note. A large 88% of users of wix will recommend it to others. Wix’s drag and drop feature gives its users the ultimate freedom to create a website easily.

Users mostly get amazed at just how quickly they could create websites. Nothing is rosy and shiny always. So wix also has some down points. Many reports that wix at first seems a bit overwhelming. All of the features, templates, and customization are hard to cope up with it the first time. 

It takes a couple of minutes to settle on the platform.

Sounds Great! Take me to Wix
Would you like Wix?

Want to test it? 88% of people who used and tested Wix in our research were likely to recommend it. Try it yourself for free to know why.

Who Is Wix Best For?

Wix can be the best website builder. But the changes from person to person. So wix is undoubtedly one of the best website builders. But is it for you?

Actually, you need to understand it depends on your needs. what Wix is capable of. Then if you think that won’t serve your purpose we’ll suggest other options to Wix if we feel there are better options out there.

build any type of websites you want
Any types of website you imagine can be created easily with Wix

Wix is capable of tackling different kinds of websites from various industries. There are many business-friendly templates available at wix. From small services to promotion and marketing, property and real estate, law, and finance, everything is covered in this platform.

It has business features like e-mail marketing, appointment bookings, subscription forms, reservation and ticketing, and many add-ons.


If you wish to sell online then Wix eCommerce has you covered. You can create a magnificent online store easily with wix. On both Wix Editor and even Wix ADI model.

It enables you to sell an unlimited number of products. You can also control your shipping options. Provide promotional and discount codes. even manage your e-commerce store through its mobile app on the go.

To take the store to the next level we would recommend a Wix app called Ecwid. With this feature, you can track your stock, track guest checkouts and inventory.

Wix has also set a pleasing deal of energy into creating its eCommerce analytics more mighty. Through its dashboard store analytics, you can now access information and data to rival that of eCommerce platforms.

Don’t get discouraged by thinking website builders cant handle e-commerces. Just like wix website builders like Shopify and BigCommerce are trying to provide a smooth e-commerce platform for trade across the world.

Do You Want to Make Money Online?
Do You Want to Make Money Online?
Wix is one of the best platforms to sell online. Professionally designed templates and tons of sales tools help you to build an online store.


Personal websites are another master card of Wix’s. Whether you need a site for an occasion (such as your wedding), a portfolio to showcase your work, or perhaps only an online résumé, Wix has you covered.

for almost everything possible there are templates at Wix. With its intuitive editor, you may really get your character across. If you hail from more of a creative discipline — like art, photography, or graphics — you might be better off using Squarespace. Its templates appeal better to those regions and are beautiful.

Do You Need a Personal Website?
Do You Need a Personal Website?
Whether you need an occasional website, portfolio, event, online resume, or anything you need, Wix has something for you and everyone. Try it for yourself to test if it’s right for you!


I find Wix more than perfect for starting your blogging career. With wix, you can separate blogs into social bookmarks and categories to create blog posts, and also add a comments section and search bar.

Start Your Own Blog
Start Your Own Blog
Wix has a great blogging option that covered everything needed for a blog. Wix has a free plan. You can start your blogging with Wix.

Small business

Wix’s visually impressive designs help to attract visitors and turn them into paying customers. Great for small businesses, restaurants, online shops. You can spice up your website using a few of those apps and are optimized for mobile devices.

Though the basic layout is prefixed you can just rearrange it in your own way. It’s like buying a ready-made flat but decorating it in your own way.

Unlike other website builders like Weebly, Wix provide a beautiful website for mobile devices as well. It offers photograph filters and animated texts. 

Are you a small Business Owner? And you Need a Website?
Are you a small Business Owner? And you Need a Website?
Wix is great to make a professional and good looking website for your small business.


Everyone wants to grow. So will your website. Now the question arises is Wix ready to handle your growth. Will Wix be able to handle your traffic spikes without any don time? To scale up your existing Wix feature you can do some resource shopping from there Wix’s app market.

It is always releasing fresh that will enhance its own websites. It also provides updates in terms of the quality of existing ones. So that your website can stay dynamic in terms of features.

Wix’s Templates

Wix’s templates are no less than designer websites. There are hundreds to select from. the layouts are bang up to date with the most recent trends.

wix template library
Select any template for your website from Wix’s large template gallery

“I enjoy Wix since it has some awesome features that run down this webpage. It is the only site builder Which Has a sense of artificial design intelligence, even though Weebly and Squarespace likely follow consistent layout patterns”

 Wix has a Large Template Library (Over 500 Templates)
Wix has a Large Template Library (Over 500 Templates)
Wix has over 500 Design Templates and ready to use. You can browse and use them all for free! Take a look at Wix’s excellent designs and decide which one is perfect for your website.

Design Customization

In one word Wix’s templates are like ready-made websites. Here You’re able to continue to keep the dummy content and publish it right away in case you want. Or you can make a website your personal with a little bit of editing.

Tweaking the basics is easy with Wix. To edit text, simply click the text and type away. Altering its size is also a matter of dragging a slider. Uploading content in Wix is as simple as uploading from your laptop to online accounts, such as Facebook or Instagram.

If you be a little bit creative you can make the best out of Wix. With a bit of creativity, you can turn the template into a phenomenal website. For instance, its animation button is superb. You can make contents fade away, zoom, or even spin on the webpage.

With this, you can bring life to anything heading, picture, menu, or whatever. You can also upload your custom fonts.

design customization-wix-review

It also offers hundreds of additional website features, which you can add by dragging them on the template. You can add, restaurant menus, blogs, contact forms, music players, interactive slideshows, video wallpapers… more than we have space to list!

You are free to modify their size and behavior or add effects such as animation. It has a huge library of professional photos, videos, and graphics, all free to use on your site. Wix’s free media content and articles can save you a great deal of decision-making and time.

Build a Stunning Website
Build a Stunning Website
Make a beautiful website with Wix ADI. Wix will give you all creative design tools with drag and drop editor.


With wix you will get extensive support for multimedia, using native components to display only pictures, slideshows, image galleries, audio, and video files in all of the main formats.

wix template library
You’ll get more than 510 customizable templates from wix, covering every industry you can think of.

The section of “my uploads” enables you to build your own cloud-based storage library. You could upload them all to Wix. for instance if you have got 10 images you’ll use on multiple pages or sites. You will then be able to access them directly in the Add Images dialogue without having to upload the files each time they are needed by you.

Wix supports graphics up to 25MB in size, but let me remind you the Wix starter plans have storage limitations (500MB for the free options, for instance). It is not going to be a smart way to store your library of high-res PNGs.

Wix’s Features and Tools

Though the main attraction of wix is its templates still its features are no less. Wix’s tools keep things ticking over behind the scenes. The Wix tool list is quite along. Here are a few which are worth mentioning.

Wix’s App Market: All  Important Widgets You’ll Ever Need

Wix’s app market is one place where they have really done everything in their App Store. Unlike other website builders who mostly depend on third parties. Wix has generated more than 80 apps. Among those Appointment scheduling tools (Wix Bookings), the event control program Wix Events, hospitality plugins (Wix Restaurants and Wix Hotels) both are bang on efficient tools.

Plus you can get Photo Gallery and Video tools. Wix’s built-in apps are exceptional. Its app market includes countless third-party websites features that produce your site do better. This means they are working to provide you best service possible.

But there are particular tools that Wix doesn’t provide you as a part of its core solutions. so to fulfill this emptiness, Wix delivers you using a 1-click, easy-to-use setup of tools produced by outside providers.

You can think of it as plug-ins that people use on the custom-built websites on WordPress.  You can also even the ‘extensions’ you can incorporate into Chrome; different things, basically all the same thing.

Serving the Wix site owners is the number one priority. Our purpose is to deliver a vast choice of apps that supply the niche and favorite features Wix users are requesting or that address present and future market trends.

Avishai Abrahami, Wix CEO & Founder

Wix apps are highly familiar. Wix users are installing apps at a rate of 44,000 apps daily — that is 16 million installations each year!

Apps are flying out of this Wix App Market at a speed of 44,000 daily. This again proves the growing popularity of wix.

It offers useful integrations such as shopping carts, live chat widgets, and marketing tools. to access more features you can get premium variants for a small monthly fee.

Listed below are a couple of apps that we really rate:

Flip Books

If you want to create printed materials (like magazines or brochures ) and wish to display off them online then this will certainly help you. It generates book versions of your content. So no need to download PDF. visitors can easily turn your content into a book right from your website.

Premium and free models are readily available for this tool. Still, confused about its functionality? Don’t worry. Wix App Market programs all include descriptions, consumer testimonials, and video demos. So that it’s easy to understand even for beginners.


It’s a cloud-based program designed to function for any business and individual who will have to collect data offline and online. It provides a variety of possibilities for producing any kind of form, questionnaire, survey, quiz, poll, as well as time-sheets

Help and Support

With wix, you are getting built-in Support. the editor shows a toolbar using a Help icon always. there will be a Help menu visible in the editor toolbar. You can also see the blog manager icon for the self-help option.

You can see the Help and support obtained from the editor on a little pop-up window. Which is quite handy. since it means you are not removed from your workplace. you could access the support page anytime you want.

Each support method of wix attempts to deal with the needs of skilled users and beginners.

wix help and support

Though Wix’s knowledge base could have been better. There You will find more posts than needed. A  few have names that are very similar or even overlap in their policy. In case you want more assistance you can get it through the ticket method.

We got a reply within 36 hours. Which is a bit slow. But we have also seen clients give reviews for their own service to Wix, and though we can not let our rating affects we would recommend caution.

It also offers telephone support. Which is also a bit underperformed in our test. You can’t call Wix when you want. Its telephone services are available from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. 

Not only that wix has declared a caution of availability on call as it said “these hours can fluctuate due to high call volume”. This means: if you wait but we do not call you, after all, don’t be shocked.

These mistakes can be waved off by personal home users. But if you are running a full-grown business store with wix and facing a couple of issues then these delays might feel daunting. So test before you buy it.

Domains and Social Media Integration

If you register for some of Wix’s top plans, you are going to find a customized domain name for free for your first year. The renewal price of the same plan will be $16.89 yearly. You can also move your existing domain name to wix as soon as you update it to a paid plan..

It is a fantastic method of raising participation for both. With this Wix permits you to incorporate social purchases, enjoys, switches feeds, and follower points. It helps to reflect more of your persona on the website. 

The selling part of wix might seem a bit confusing compared to BigCommerce and Shopify.


When it comes to SEO Wix is one of the ideal website builders in assisting you to rank highly on Google using its built-in SEO tools. You can easily edit descriptions and meta titles URLs and tweak header code.

You can get a host of search engine optimization programs from Wix’s App Market. They will suggest you advice or keyword support. Only Weebly can compete with wix for search engine optimization among all the website builders.

Security, Backups, and Restores

All Wix websites have built-in SSL security certificates for data security. SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. With this, your visitors will understand the website is secure. As a lock will appear next to your URL.

To give you each night’s peaceful sleep wix has an autosave feature. Multiple variations of your website will be backed up.  which means it is possible to restore your site to a previous stage in a matter of clicks. Phew!

Wix Ascend (Marketing)

Ascend by Wix assists your business reach higher degrees. It is an all-time solution, permitting you to automate your workflow connect with customers. Helping to promote your business.

What is so great about it? It covers many areas all in one place including–

  • Wix automation (such as customized messages and notifications)
  • Live chat
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO

Wix Prices and Value for Money

No it all comes down to the deciding factor. The prices. For starters, it’s absolutely free. Wix has a completely free program as well as a total of seven premium plans. The premium programs range from  $13 — $49 a month.

If you have a small business and want to do more by staying on wix you can go for their high-end premium plans. The higher your plan, the more features you unlock. For instance, getting rid of Wix ads and getting your own custom domain free for a year.

It has a two-week money-back guarantee. so if you don’t enjoy what you get, you can ask for a refund straight away.

Here’s a closer look at everything you get with each plan:

wix review pricing

High-end plans mean more templates, apps, and support. Additionally, the longer you register, the better value your plan will be. For example, if you spend money on an individual or two-year plan upfront, you can save 25% and 43 percent each year.

With  Ascend You receive a free logo design. Wix’s most popular plan is Business Unlimited plans. In this plan, you receive unlimited bandwidth, along with access to all Wix’s most important help solutions, features, and apps. You can even build your own online shop with Wix’s superb eCommerce tools.

Wix Review: Summary

Wix has an impeccable reputation and it is good for beginners. It gets full marks on the easiness of usage, the amount, and overall qualities of its templates, as well as the official App Store, filled with free and premium apps that will enhance all sorts of websites.

You don’t need any advanced tech skills, like programming to use wix. But it has some disadvantages as well like every other thing. Wix is not the most affordable on the listing of website builders available on the current market.

But keep in mind with Wix, you are paying for much more than a domain name plus some handy tools to build your site. You are also getting a user-friendly platform that removes any need for you to have reasonable technical skills.

If you are not tech-savvy that takes all the burden from your shoulder. At that point, prices seem reasonable compared to hiring a professional developer to build a website.

So, with this in your mind, everyone should weigh all its pros and cons prior to utilizing this platform, read other testimonials, have a peek at other sites built with Wix as well as test it before really using it, to be able to have a clear idea about this tool.

It’s very easy to start with and does not cost a dime. Bear in mind, all of Wix’s premium plans include a two-week money-back guarantee, no questions asked (although you can also use Wix free forever if you want ).

Wix should not cost you anything besides half of an hour of the time, so give it a whirl! After all, that is the perfect approach to learn whether it is actually a good site builder for you.


Is Wix legitimate?

Even Wix’s finest premium features just cost a couple of bucks per month. So it can be said that these are worth the price. There are really a few ways where you can have a website automated at this cheap rate. With wix, you can have a website that looks like you have sent a fortune to make this website. In reality which might cost you less than a burger. Perfect for small businesses and personal sites.

Why is Wix bad?

Wix-made websites load a bit slow compared to custom-made websites. Websites built on HTML for instance WordPress load faster than Wix. This slow loading speed might cost you the ranking of search engines. Also, it can cause a poor user experience.

Is Wix actually free?

You can use wix for free as long as you like. If you need premium features like your own domain or e-commerce, you have to pick from among their premium plans. Which are not free of cost.

Why use Wix instead of hiring a web developer?

Hiring a professional web developer is costly. with Wix, you are in charge of your own site. As you won’t depend on a developer to build a site that means lesser cost. With this you can make your own site for a free or lesser cost.

Does Wix Use WordPress?

Wix and WordPress are two different platforms that people use to make websites. Wix is an all-in-one solution where all is taken care of for you. On the other side, WordPress is open source and functions as either a blogging system (WordPress.com) or a fully-fledged content management program (WordPress.org).

Do you have to pay for hosting using Wix?

The expense of hosting is included in your monthly payment. Same terms for domain name and security. In one word it’s an all-inclusive plan. And if you are on the free platform of wix you dont need to pay a penny. although you will have a Wix subdomain and Wix adverts on your website.

Can you create multilingual sites on Wix?

Yes. you can build a site in your native language with wix. For this, you just need an extra tool named Wix Multilingual. You can interpret Text, links, image backgrounds, SEO settings, and Wix Stores in a secondary language.

Can multiple individuals have access to a single Wix account?

Yes, they can. Wix permits you to have several editors with different levels of authority. You can set limits on the editors accessing certain elements of your site. It helps to manage the team which will help you to assist edit or building your site.
9.8 Total Score
Wix Review - 10 Things You Must Know

Want to have a stunning website but are not in the mood to sell your fortune to hire a developer then try Wix. A perfect website builder which can give you a drag and drop platform to build your website. With its interactive user experience, you can easily build a website without being tech-savvy. For this review, I’ve tried to sum up all the insights of Wix so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

  • Highly Involuntary and Easy-to-Use Editor
  • Rich Template Library
  • Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)
  • Great Value for Money and Dedicated Service
  • Highest Public Recommendation of Any Site Builder
  • Can not change templates when your site goes live
  • The free plan has Wix branding
  • May Need to invest more in third-party programs to scale your Site
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