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8/10 (Expert Score)
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Thinking of building your site with one of the largest site builders? For the starting you can start with the free plan to be on the safe side. This will help you to understand the editing interface and how things work on Weebly. Read our expert Weebly review and try to decide if it’s easy enough for you or are you happy with the results.

8Expert Score

To wrap it up we recommend Weebly specifically for small businesses or portfolio websites. Its beginner friendly and also leaves scope for coding. Its e-commerce feature can be an extra addition to your online business. Weebly surely is a worthy website builder.

Ease of Use
Value For Money
Design Flexibility
Help And Support
Customer Score
  • Great for small businesses
  • PositiveAttractive templates
  • Helpful SEO guide
  • Limited Drag-and-drop customization
  • Dependency on Weebly support team to restore your site
  • No ADI option

What to expect

Weebly Review: What to expect?

As a website builder review, we had the full focus on testing Weebly’s ease of use. We tried to put ourselves in the shoe of a total newbie in the website building industry. Testing their drag and drop editor and intuitive website builder features assist how much in building a fully functional website.

In our finding their pricing seemed simple.  Their offering like  Personal, Professional, and Performance tries to cover up necessities of different sorts of users. Which we will discuss in detail shortly.

We have built a couple of websites with Weebly as well to understand the true scenario. Even a website with 100 pages seemed like a cup of tea to Weebly’s website management feature. Which is wy better than its competitors like  Wix or Squarespace.

Interested in Weebly’s offering?

You can get a drag-and-drop website builder with 40+ mobile-friendly themes in Weebly. Plus it includes a blog, image galleries, and an online store.

BEST FORFor personal blogs and small businesses
OVERALL RATINGIf you are a blogger or just want a site for your small business then Weebly is best for you. 

It’s super easy to use. You will get dozens of useful apps and features to help you build your website in autopilot mode.

You can rank on SEO as well if your site is worth it. Build an attractive site with Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor.

Weebly Overview

Weebly Overview

Over 50 million websites are powered by Weebly currently. and the numbers are growing rapidly. Because it’s an easy-to-use website builder. perfect for small business and portfolio websites. 

We have tested over 25 websites with real data to find out the eligibility of Weebly. Surprisingly this drag and drop website builder is eligible for building professional-looking websites. See is what our review says

Okey ! let’s go to weebly
What does this mean?

In our house researches, We test every website builder. To help you choose the best provider as per accurate results and recommendations. We also engage non-tech-savvy people to understand the user experience of the general user community. Then we score the website builders’ performance according to different categories.

Weebly has scored 4 out of 5 in our review rating. What makes Weebly different from its competitors like  Wix and Squarespace is its features, useful built-in tools, and its extensive App Store.

Weebly is a value for money for beginners. As it offers free plans and affordable prices on its premium plans. In the coming future, Weebly is focusing more and more on adopting a stronger eCommerce experience.

Keeping all of this aside Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor is more than enough reason to try Weebly for website building. It’s super simple and easy to use. No coding knowledge is needed at all. But if you want to bring more customization with your coding knowledge Weebly also allows you to do so with their built-in coding editor.

Weebly Rating Details

Weebly Rating Details

Now that you know our overview of the Weebly review let’s get into the details. So that you can know the Weebly has scored what it has scored in our review section. Starting from.

Ease of use

Weebly is one of the most easy-to-use website builders. Even for the beginners. There is nothing new to learn here or make any extra effort. You won’t have to wait for months with how-to videos to build a stunning website with Weebly.

Just drag and drop any desired element of your choice onto your page and bingo now that’s a part of your website. For future settings and features just click that element and continue with your customization.

Don’t you like what you have done so far? Worry not you can still go back with the undo button. No need to build the whole website in one sitting you can take your time save changes without publishing and continue building your website at your own pace. Let me also warn you that the classic editor might sometimes feel laggy.


The main attraction of every website builder is their templates. With Weebly, you will get stylish themes with different page layouts for different uses. The layout and templates complement different niches and needs. You can get sections for the portfolio. Great for personal blogging and branding.

Its templates and layout are optimized with the screen of mobile and desktop. Which delivers a great user experience to the visitors. You can also add video backgrounds to add some sort of dynamism to your design.

You can proceed for further editing as Weebly provides source code.

Though Weebly doesn’t provide huge variety so many users complain about its lack of options in terms of templates and layouts. That is a drawback of using Weebly. Some also avoid Weebly cause they dont want their website to look backdated. Where else its competitors Wix or Squarespace are offering attractive templates and layouts.


If you subscribe to Weebly’s  Free and Personal plans Weebly logo will be placed at the bottom of the screen. Which is kind of acceptable for the free plan. But why on the personal plan? It’s paid, right? Then why is there an irrelevant advertisement on my website?

But all other paid plans are ad-free.


Weebly Features

Domain nameYesIn the first year of subscription you’ll get a free domain. But from the second year, you will have to pay an extra $19.95 annually to keep that domain registered in your name.

If you are migrating from another provider you can still bring your previous domain name with you. Weebly will redirect it. To learn more check Weebly’s site.
Navigation5/5Weebly’s navigation hierarchy is insane. You can find A drop-down menu automatically in the navigation area. Which makes everything so much easier. Supportive for large site structures as well.
Widgets4.5/5In its editor section you can find Image galleries, video, and music players. Add tables, calendars, social media widgets, and more to enhance the functionality of your website.

Want more? You can always add more widgets from Weebly App Center.
E-Commerce4.5/5For your eCommerce shop you can get an easy-to-use shopping cart with SSL encryption from Weebly. It also has an integration option for all the major payment options.

For display purposes, you can add product videos even. For product search, it offers some decent optimization options. Automated tax rates and shipping calculators are also available.
SEO4.5/5Customize Title, meta, and description tags to rank high on SERP. images’ ALT text and website URLs are editable as well. 

Though it allows limited usage of headlines (H1, H2, etc.).
Blogging4.5/5The major highlight of Weebly’s feature has to be its blog section. You get all the basic features up here. It is SEO-friendly as well.

You can schedule your blog post to get a hold of better time management.  you can integrate Disqus or Facebook for comment engagement. 

On the paid version you can add multiple editors and admins to your blog.
Storage spaceUnlimitedWeebly’s Free and Connect plans provide a limit of 500 MB. that means Your files cannot exceed 10 MB each. For the professional plan, the limit is 250 MB each. Which can seem frustrating for larger sites.

To avoid that you can hop on to other top-tier plans where you will get unlimited bandwidth with Weebly’s web hosting.
BackupsYesYou can download backups of your site. Though it is a manual process.
Newsletter toolYesWeebly has its own newsletter services called Promote. It allows you to send marketing emails.
HTML codeYesWith HTML code you can add external widgets to your website.
Mobile AppYesIt supports mobile app functionality for both iOS and  Android.  with its drag-and-drop editor, you can edit every element of your site. Bring your personality to every page, content, font, and layout of your website.
SupportYesReach out for help via email, hotline, and live chat. According to our personal testing, their chat response could have been better.

Though the email responses came quite smoothly. You can get phone support only in Professional and Performance plans.
Weebly is best for whom?
As per our findings, Weebly is best for small businesses. As it provides all the resources you need to get a business website. Its editor is straightforward and hassle-free to build a website. That means you can create your website in the nick of time. Its app store has all the tools that you are going to need to build and maintain your site from time to time.

And if you are looking to build personal portfolios Weebly is suitable for you as well. 

But if you want 360-degree customization of your next website then Weebly is not recommended.  Instead, you can check out Squarespace.
Okay! Let’s go to Weebly.
Is Weebly ticking all your requirements?

Looking to build a portfolio or a small business website? Weebly is a must-try. Blogging and ranking on SEO are possible with Weebly. Try it for free today.

Types of Websites

What Kind of Website Can You Make With Weebly?

Sneak peek:
Weebly has offers and plans for all genres and niches. Whether bloggers, businesses, online sellers, and artists, everyone kind finds tools to build a website of their industry in Weebly. Its tools are scalable so you can make the changes that will make your website personalized.

Overall it’s best for small business websites. Its attractive design and SEO-friendly features help a businessman to grow his business virtually.

With Weebly’s huge app store you get plenty of resources to build a stunning website without even knowing the basics of coding. It has built-in features to help you build and grow the website of your dreams. 

But keep in mind that the usability and benefit of Weebly differ from person to person. At some point, Weebly delivers more than expected and for others it might seem unreasonable. To compare each with your own requirements and resources.

Let’s see what Weebly has to offer for different kinds of websites.




As mentioned earlier Weebly is enough for small business websites. Weebly the company themselves see small businesses as their target audience. That’s why they build their plans and prices according to the needs of small businesses.

They specifically want businesses to get started, grow online, find customers, and sell products.

Weebly’s features that help businesses start and scale are:

  • Business-related themes
  • SEO tools and support
  • Tools for blogging and newsletters
  • Analytics for business insights
  • Payment suite
  • Pop-up shops
  • Brick and mortar stores
Okay! Let see Weebly’s business features.
Want to build a business website?

Weebly can help you build one. No technical knowledge is required.




It makes sense that when Weebly is focusing on business websites they are not going to forget about today’s business essential e-commerce facility. So they have made arrangements for online stores as well. 

Here you can get stunning themes for e-commerce with SEO support and great marketing tools.

If you select “online store” while building a website with Weebly you will get your own ecommerce dashboard. In this dashboard, you select a theme and customize your design. Also, you will get to add products, manage payments.

Though Weebly’s online store builder has some limitations. As it is still new. In this case for more advanced customization, you can count on Wix or Shopify

That’s why we recommend Weebly to small stores or businesses. But it has one advantage as well. In the USA Weebly is the only provider that lets you sell your product online for free.

That means even with Weebly’s free plan you can sell your product and make money online. But remember the payment has to be made through Square and only in the US.

To sum up, if you want an extended version of your small business as an e-commerce facility then you can have Weebly.

Sounds good. Let’s try.
Want to have an e-commerce facility for your small store?

You can count on Weebly. They let you set up an eCommerce store for free and receive payments through the square in the USA.




If you just wanna work on a professional or personal portfolio then Weebly has a lot to offer. Though you might complain about its design. Still, their simple and elegant template might attract the right audience if it goes well with your niche.

Sneak peek
If you are serious about your portfolio, Squarespace is perfect. In our top website builder comparison, it has been the top website builder to build a stunning portfolio website. Its design and features are attractive and professional-looking.

Though it can cost you more than Weebly.

Here is the features that will help you to create a portfolio in Weebly,

  • Custom fonts
  • Newsletters
  • Built-in image editor
  • Video backgrounds
  • Social media marketing
  • Parallax, and reveal animation effects 

If you want to keep it simple and low profile then Weebly is perfect for you. And if that’s not enough for you then try Wix or Squarespace. Yet Weebly is the most affordable portfolio site builder.

Yes, I Want to Create One
Want to create a personal site?

Weebly is the simple solution to portray your professional excellence in a stunning portfolio.




Weebly has been a solid provider in the blogging industry for quite a long time.

Sneak peek
For blogging Weebly is good but not the best. The best blogging platform without any doubt is WordPress.org. It is an open-source platform. It is used by over a third of all websites on the internet!

Professional blogging or just a side hassle Weebly can set the basics for all sorts of blogging. Its blogging tools are,

  • Blog-specific themes
  • Scheduled sharing
  • Media integrations
  • Social sharing features
  • Sidebar customizations
  • Advanced comment management

With Weebly you can get some strong blog SEO options. You can add a custom header and footer code to your pages. URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions can also be customized. Share attractive and powerful blogs whenever you want and wherever you want.

Let’s have Weebly for blogging.
Beginning a blog?

For an easy and quick blogging option at a very affordable price, you can count on Weebly.

Weebly Pricing

Weebly Pricing

a Weebly ad in the footer.

Doesn’t come with a proper domain name.
Weebly ad shows in the footer.

A domain name.
video and audio players.

phone support.

Additional eCommerce features.


Weebly Review: Summary

Now that Weebly is finally tried and tested we can say Weebly is the best website builder option for small businesses. It’s beginner-friendly, simple, and nothing fancy at all. Perfect for those who are really new to the world of website building.

It might not offer something that will help it to stand out from its competitors like wix and Squarespace still it provides you a basic platform at a low cost to get online.

And if you want to do more with this platform with your technical merit using HTML and CSS you are welcomed. Its different categories of plans offer different resources for clients.

For the starting you can start with the free plan to be on the safe side. This will help you to understand the editing interface and how things work on Weebly. Try to decide if it’s easy enough for you or are you happy with the results.

And if all seems good to you and you want to scale up with Weebly then go straight to its Professional plan. As it makes more sense as a paid version than the personal plan of Weebly.

To wrap it up we recommend Weebly specifically for small businesses or portfolio websites. Its beginner friendly and also leaves scope for coding. Its e-commerce feature can be an extra addition to your online business. Weebly surely is a worthy website builder.


Weebly Review: FAQs

What is the disadvantage of Weebly?

The biggest disadvantage of Weebly is it does not allow installation of any software on their site. Even on the paid plans. The installations include Drupal, Zoomla, and phpBB.

What are the pros of Weebly?

With Weebly, you will get the best speed and security. It reduces the risk of hacking as well. To get free Weebly just add a subdomain. Nop programming and coding knowledge are needed to build a website. Just drag and drop on templates to create your website with your own hand.

Which one is better, Weebly or Wix?

I would recommend both for different kinds of users and their needs.  Weebly is easy to use but lacks theme customization. On the other hand, Wix gives you the liberty of customization but can be confusing sometimes. So choose what serves your need.

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