Wix Review | 10 Things You Must Know (December 2020)

Wix Review Overview

If you’d like a stunning and professional site which has some great functionalities and superb performance, but you don’t want to pay a web developer thousands of dollars to make that, then Wix is the best alternative. Wix is heaving with interactive features which are simple to incorporate. An intuitive website building platform that enables the lowest priced tech-savvy. In this Wix review, we insure everything you wish to know about Wix to make the ideal selection for building a web site that’s great for you.

  • Highly Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Editor
  • Rich Template Library
  • Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)
  • Fantastic Value for Money and Dedicated Service
  • Highest Public Recommendation of Any Site Builder

  • Can not change templates when your site goes live
  • Free plan has Wix branding
  • May Need to invest more on third-party programs to scale your Site

Wix Review- Best Info Lab

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What’s Wix?

Wix is one of the most popular and best website builders on the internet. It helps non-tech users to be able to construct their own site and also to greatly decrease the price of a web site. Since the platform makes it possible for the ordinary and normal person on the street to create a website or a site without previous knowledge of web design or development, it has diminished the need for employing a web designer/programmer.

Originally, when it entered the website builder marketplace, Wix was a Flash-based platform. Considering all the common and famous problems associated with Flash, in March 2012 the Wix team shifted their foundation technologies to HTML5. This change has been quite successful, as it considerably reduced the amount of glitches and issues happening on the Wix platform, resulting in annual profits of around $60 million.

Back in 2013, there was also some effective management applications and the improvement of its service for e-commerce sites . In March of the exact same year, Wix integrated Appixia, an Israeli startup that linked to mobile commerce (m-commerce) applications development.

WIX is Extremely Easy to Use

Wix is probably one of the best user-friendly and drag & drop site builders available on the industry nowadays. It utilizes What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors and drag & drop from the easiest way possible. This means that users may select, resize, and place any digital object within the system, with fantastic ease. A key distinction here is that, while in many other website builders, users can simply drag and drop elements in some predetermined places or blocks, together with Wix builders are free to put elements everywhere they need. Wix is also one of the best website builders that provide you the capability to animate text and other components.

Owing to the user-friendly and simple to utilize the platform, Wix is definitely a favorite among companies in the creative markets like photography, design services, freelance artists and designers since they provide very marketplace specific tools and functionality that one can easily drag and drop in their sites. A superb site building platform for those who have hardly any knowledge of web development or design and makes it a ideal web building solution for companies.

Wix is not the only drag-and-drop site builder, needless to say. But, it’s one of the best in the world these days. Let’s see some examples that are created by Wix.

Why do we think that? First off, it covers countless companies — many more than any other site builder. Just check out exactly what it’s got for–

  1. Small businesses
  2. eCommerce Store
  3. Cafes and restaurants
  4. Hotels and hospitality
  5. Graphic designers
  6. Musicians
  7. Photographers

No matter what your niche is, you are going to find Wix templates, tools, and apps to build. Photographers? Musicians? Internet stars? Or a small business owner? It’s easier to say what industries Wix does not cover!

Before we get our teeth into this Wix review, though, let’s take a step back and explain what a site builder really is:

A website builder is an internet platform that helps you create your own site without coding.

There are two types of website builders – the traditional template-based platforms, and the more modern AI (Artificial Intelligence) platforms.

A classic site builder lets you pick from a large range of pre-designed templates. You can then easily customize the template and then populate it with all your personal content, adding useful features as you go.

AI website builders operate by requesting a series of queries, such as the kind of website you would like, and your layout tastes. After that, it creates a site for you. You can still make some custom changes to the design, but this approach is really for people who need a simple site build up quickly.

Wix is a classic template site builder along with an AI platform rolled into one. You are able to pick from over 500 industry-specific templates and make use of its stunning drag-and-drop editor. Or in the event that you’d like, Let Wix design a web site for you with Wix ADI!

Wix includes a big reputation, but at BestInfoLab.Com, it is our responsibility to scratch beneath the surface and informs you exactly how good it is. Unlike many Wix testimonials, we run our own comprehensive research and testing to bring you expert analysis.

During this Wix review, you are going to learn about its strengths and weaknesses, how suitable Wix is to get different types of websites, and how it fails once we put it through its paces.

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How Easy to use Wix?

We asked a lot of everyday people to provide Wix a try and tell us what they experienced.

The feedback we got from people — They loved Wix! Here are only a few of their thoughts:

“I used Wix to build my own site and several sites for customers. I have used other site builder platforms but I prefer working in Wix. It is easy to use, the designs are great and you can customize them to anyone’s taste. The customer service has been excellent and the price can’t be beaten for what all you get…”
“Once I’d got to grips with it, it became really simple. I can see myself undoubtedly using Wix to actually create my Personal site”

With Wix, you have two options to build your website- Wix Editor or Wix ADI. Wix Editor uses drag-and-drop functionality, meaning anything on your website can be repositioned simply by clicking and holding the item, then transferring it where you want.

wix review 2020

Building a website with Wix is super simple. You can choose between the Wix Editor, where you edit a template, or Wix ADI, which creates a personalized website for you in minutes.


You have heard of artificial intelligence — AI — the machine-learning procedure which may answer questions, drive cars, and beat people at chess? You can add website design to this listing. Yes! Wix introduced ADI that added artificial intelligence for website design.

Wix has developed the world’s first website-building platform which utilizes artificial intelligence — that which Wix describes”Artificial Design Intelligence” (ADI) — to make a website automatically for you, right before your own eyes.

Wix ADI is specially developed to remove the most important challenges to build a site — time, content creation, and design,” the statement says.

Given that small business owners normally have very little time to build a website or sufficient budget to afford a web designer to do it for them, the Wix ADI might come as welcome news.

Wix ADI may design your own site for you. You answer some questions regarding the kind of website once you know it, and you would enjoy, your very own site is going to be generated before your own mind. You may make edits into the last layout, yet this procedure isn’t perfect if you would like complete control.

Consider it like playing with a game on your phone in comparison with some console. It is still possible to play with the game and it is simpler, but you are not receiving.

For people who are a bit more tech-savvy, then it is also possible to utilize the Wix Code. This allows you to edit and get the HTML supporting your template for customization. Utilizing Wix Code is necessary if you would like to dig a bit deeper, but the option is there.

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Customer Satisfaction

We asked them if they would recommend it after everyone finished examining Wix. The results are in — and they are glowing.

Wix would be highly recommended by A large 88% of men and women who used it.

People loved the freedom Wix gave them just, and after editing how simple it had been to drag and drop things. They were amazed at just how quickly they could create websites.

The criticism people had was that to start with, Wix may feel overwhelming. There is so much selection — in features, templates, and customization — which it takes a couple of minutes to settle in the platform.

Sounds Great! Take me to Wix
Would you like Wix?

Want to test it? 88% of people who used and tested Wix in our research were likely to recommend it – try it yourself for free to know why.

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Who Is Wix Best For?

We have decided that Wix is the best total website builder, but is it appropriate for you?

Depending on your need, Wix could be for. However, there can be an additional platform out there better suited for your job. Below, We’ll discuss why people build their websites, discuss exactly what Wix is capable of and we’ll suggest other options to Wix if we feel there are better options out there.

wix review- build any type of websites you want

Any types of website you imagine can be created easily with Wix

Company sites are the bread and butter of Wix. There are many templates made for businesses. From small services to promotion and marketing, property and real estate, law, and finance, everything is covered in this platform.

Wix includes amazing business features — such as e-mail marketing, appointment bookings, subscription forms, reservation and ticketing, and many add-ons.


If you are searching to start selling on the internet, Wix eCommerce has you covered. Create your own magnificent online store easily and pace using Wix Editor or even Wix ADI.

Wix enables you to sell an unlimited number of products — physical, electronic, or an agency. You control your shipping options could make promotional and discount codes, and even manage your store through its mobile app on the go.

If you want to take your online shop to the next level, we would recommend a Wix app called Ecwid. This offers you access to stock tracking, guest checkouts tracking inventory, and much more.

Wix has also set a good deal of energy into creating its eCommerce analytics more powerful. Through its dashboard store analytics, you can now access information and data to rival that of eCommerce platforms.

Having said that, if you’re creating six-figure monthly profits and desire a powerful platform capable of handling bulk orders and scaling along with you, look at Shopify or even BigCommerce. All these are site builders designed solely for building online stores.

Do You Want to Make Money Online?
Do You Want to Make Money Online?
Wix is one of the best platforms to sell online. Professionally designed templates and tons of sales tools help you to build an online store.


Personal websites are another advantage of Wix’s. Whether you need a site for an occasion (such as your wedding), a portfolio to showcase your work, or perhaps only an online résumé, Wix has you covered.

There are templates for almost everything possible, as well as Wix’s intuitive editor, you may really get your character across.

But if you’re in a creative discipline — like art, photography, or graphics — you might be better off using Squarespace. Its templates appeal better to those regions and are beautiful.

Do You Need a Personal Website?
Do You Need a Personal Website?
Whether you need an occasional website, portfolio, event, online resume, or anything you need, Wix has something for you and everyone. Try it for yourself to test if it’s right for you!


Wix provides you more than enough features to create a wonderful blog. That said, if you need a site solely for blogging, there are better options out there.

Wix allows you to separate them into social bookmarks and categories to create blog posts, and also add a comments section and search bar. Perfect for those who need a blogging section for your site.

Start Your Own Blog
Start Your Own Blog
Wix has a great blogging option that covered everything needed for a blog. Wix has a free plan. You can start your blogging with Wix.

Small business

Their visually impressive designs are made for small businesses, restaurants, online shops, and musicians such as photographers and musicians. They could be spiced up using a few of those apps and are optimized for mobile devices.

In ways you are able to compare Wix into a prefabricated house — the basic architecture already exists and can not be altered. You, however, paint the partitions into your gusto (select a theme) and insert the furniture that you adore (picture galleries and other programs ).

At the conclusion, I believed equally Weebly and Wix (our greatest builders ) and went for Wix. Weebly has no method to make a website beautiful for mobile devices. Working together with all the Wix editor has been a breeze, offering tools like photograph filters and texts that are animated. But remember that each site has requirements that are different.
If you are a small business owner, then take a look at this article which might be helpful for you-  Average Cost of Website Design for Small Business -DIY vs Professional in 2020

Are you a small Business Owner? And you Need a Website?
Are you a small Business Owner? And you Need a Website?
Wix is great to make a professional and good looking website for your small business.


When speaking to our users, some expressed their thoughts about whether you can outgrow a Wix website. In all honesty though, unless the website’s going to be a global name, Wix has over enough on it to scale with you.

Wix’s app market is fantastic, and it is always releasing fresh that will enhance its own websites — either in terms of the quality of existing ones.

Wix may not be the best fit, as mentioned, should you need a strong eCommerce site. Otherwise, the developers of Wix are improving the platform day by day, and it keeps pace with every need.

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Wix’s templates

look like designer websites. There are hundreds to select from, and the layouts are bang up to date with the most recent trends.

Wix review- wix template gallery

select any template for your website from Wix’s large template gallery

Some of them are able to provide your site the stylish, professional look it requires — even if you have no coding or design abilities in any respect.

All of Wix templates have been categorized into types of websites — such as business, photography, blogging, — and are completely mobile responsive. This means that your site will adjust automatically to fit both tablet and mobile screen sizes.

To using Wix, 1 downside is after your website has been released online you can not change templates. Ensure that you don’t hurry to select a favorite template in case you change templates in the future, you are going to lose your articles along with customizations.

The templates of Squarespace are somewhat elastic compared to Wix’s, if you desire, however you can change between them.

Industry-leading web development experts expressed their opinion on Wix’s templates compared to other top platforms out there. Here’s what they said:

“I enjoy Wix since it has some awesome features that run down this webpage. It is the only site builder Which Has a sense of artificial design intelligence, even though Weebly and Squarespace likely follow consistent layout patterns”
 Wix has a Large Template Library (Over 500 Templates)
Wix has a Large Template Library (Over 500 Templates)
Wix has over 500 Design Templates and ready to use. You can browse and use them all for free! Take a look at Wix’s excellent designs and decide which one is perfect for your website.
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Design Customization

Wix’s templates are ready-made websites within their right. You’re able to continue to keep the dummy content and publish right away in case you want but to make a website your personal, you will have to do a little bit of editing.

Wix makes basic tweaks really easy such as edit text, simply click the text and type away. Altering its size is also a matter of dragging a slider:

It’s also simple to upload content from your laptop to online accounts, such as Facebook or Instagram.
When you begin becoming more creative, Wix really comes into its own. You’ll quickly find you can definitely turn this template into something specific.
The animation button is a superb example. making it fade away, zoom, or even spin on the webpage — It’s possible to bring just about any feature to lifetime — heading, picture, menu or whatever. You can also upload your custom fonts.


design customization-wix-review

Wix also offers hundreds of additional website features, which you may add by dragging them on the template.
You’re able to add, restaurant menus, blogs, contact forms, music players, interactive slideshows, video wallpapers… more than we have space to list!
As soon as you’ve added additional features, many may be customized by modifying their size and behaviour or adding effects such as animation.

Wix delivers a huge library of professional photos, videos, and graphics, all free to use on your site. Wix’s free media content and articles can save you a great deal of decision-making and time.

Build a Stunning Website
Build a Stunning Website
Make a beautiful website with Wix ADI. Wix will give you all creative design tools with drag and drop editor.


Wix provides extensive support for multimedia, using native components to display only pictures, slideshows, image galleries, audio, and video files in all of the main formats.

wix template library

you’ll get more than 510 customizable templates from wix, covering every industry you can think of.

A”My Uploads” area enables building your own cloud-based storage library. You could upload them all to Wix if you have got 10 images you’ll use on multiple pages or sites, for instance. You will then be able to access them directly in the Add Images dialogue without having to upload the files each time they are needed by you.
Wix supports graphics up to 25MB in size, but keep in mind that the Wix starter plans have storage limitations (500MB for the free options, for instance). It is not going to be a smart way to store your library of high-res PNGs.

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Wix’s Features and Tools

Though its features and templates steal the show, it has Wix’s tools that keep things ticking over behind the scenes.
We would be here all day if we needed to list each one of Wix’s tools. Thus, we’ve picked out some of the kinds for you to look at.

Wix’s App Market: All  Important Widgets You’ll Ever Need?

One place where they have really done everything in their App Store. Most other web site builders depend on third party programs that could break if the provider stops behind them. Wix’s plan is somewhat different: they’ve generated over 80 apps. Among those: Appointment scheduling Tool (Wix Bookings), the event control program Wix Events, hospitality plugins (Wix Restaurants and Wix Hotels) in addition to Photo Gallery and Video tools. And you can bet that there will be a lot more.

Wix’s built-in instruments are all exceptional, but they can not really do everything. If there’s likely.
Wix App Market includes countless third party websites features that produce your site do better.
Fundamentally, what this signifies is that there are particular tools that Wix doesn’t provide you as a part of its core solutions, so to fulfil this emptiness, Wix delivers you using a 1-click, easy-to-use setup of tools produced by outside providers.
Wix programs are similar to the plugins you can incorporate on to WordPress, and also even the ‘extensions’ you can incorporate on into Chrome; different things, basically all the same thing.

Serving the Wix site owners is the number one priority. Our purpose is to deliver a vast choice of apps that supply the niche and favourite features Wix users are requesting or that address present and future market trends.
Avishai Abrahami, Wix CEO & Founder

Wix apps are highly common. Wix users are installing apps at a rate of 44,000 apps daily — that is 16 million installations each year!

Apps are flying out of this Wix App Market in a speed of 44,000 daily

Wix App Market incorporates useful integrations such as shopping carts, live chat widgets, and marketing tools. Though some offer you premium variants for a small monthly fee that you are able to access more features A great deal of these apps are free.

Listed below are a couple of apps that we really rate:

Flip Books

Should you create printed materials (like magazines or brochures ) and wish to display off them online also, this really will be the program for the task. Books generate versions of your stuff. Without needing to download a PDF user may turn the pages directly on your own website. Premium and free models are readily available.
In case you are not certain what a program does, then Wix App Market programs all include descriptions, consumer testimonials, and video demos. This usually means if a program’s appropriate to you elect to utilize it, you will find a good idea.


123FormBuilder is a cloud-based program designed to function for any business and individual which will have to collect data offline and online. Their platform that is flexible provides a variety of possibilities for producing any kind of form, questionnaire, survey, quiz, poll, as well as time-sheets.

Help and Support

Wix includes a great deal of built-in Support. Any item in the editor shows a toolbar using a Help icon, and there will be a Help menu visible in the editor toolbar. Displays such as the Blog Manager have their own Help icon.
Help and support obtained from the editor have been displayed in a little pop-up window, and it can be handy since it means you are not removed from your workplace. Service areas, like the web store manager, get a dedicated help tab and you could access the support page anytime you want.
The individual posts are large of above-average grades or quality. They presented, such as with animated GIFs to illustrate activities, and they attempt to deal with the needs of skilled users and beginners.


wix help and support

The knowledgebase arrangement is a problem, however. You will find more posts than mandatory, and a few have names that are very similar or even overlap in their policy. What’s more, posts that are related are found by the search engine to your words but do not do a fantastic job of purchasing them. It may take, although none of this prevents you from discovering what you require.

In case you want more assistance, assistance is available by means of a ticket method. We got a reply within 36 hours, that is somewhat slow, though it may be suitable for questions and asked a question. But we have also seen clients give reviews for its own service to Wix, and though we can not let our rating affects we would recommend caution. Before you expect it Examine the ceremony with queries of your own.

Wix offers telephone support, too, but that is also not really what it sounds. You can’t call Wix when you want. That’s just available from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, and even then, the business cautions”these hours can fluctuate due to high call volume”. This means: if you wait but we do not call you, after all, don’t be shocked’.
Home users likely won’t be too worried about this, but if you’re running a large online shop and every single hour of downtime is debilitating, this could be an actual problem. Again, be sure to test before you buy it.

Domains and Social Media Integration

Should you register for some of Wix’s top plans, you are going to find a customized domain name for free for your first year. The renewal cost is $16.89 yearly, and you could also move a present domain name and join it to a Wix website as soon as you update it to a paid plan.
Joining your site to your own social media accounts is a fantastic method of raising participation for both. Wix permits you to incorporate social purchases, enjoys, switches, feeds, and follower points so individuals accompany and can discover you.
One matter Wix has not deciphered yet is selling. Just like you may with BigCommerce and Shopify you can not sell products on social media directly.


Once it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Wix is one of the ideal website builders in assisting you to rank highly on Google using its built-in SEO tools. It’s possible to edit descriptions and meta titles URLs and tweak header code.
There’s also a whole host of search engine optimization programs accessible from Wix’s App Market should you need advice or keyword support. For great its search engine optimization offerings were near Wix, only Weebly came from our search engine optimization testing.

Security, Backups, and Restores

All Wix websites have built-in SSL security certificates. SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’, and all it really means is that your customers will understand the website is secure that appears next to your URL.
To prevent you from tearing out your hair if anything goes wrong, Wix also has a convenient autosave feature. Many variations of your website will be backed up, which means it is possible to restore your site to a previous stage in a matter of clicks. Phew!

Wix Ascend (Marketing)

As its name suggests, Ascend by Wix assists your business reach higher degrees. It is an all-time solution, permitting you to automate your workflow connect with customers, and typically promote your business.
What makes Ascend really different? The Wix package is far more ambitious while Squarespace and Weebly have released marketing programs. It covers many areas all in one place including–

  • Wix automation (such as customized messages and notifications)
  • Live chat
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
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Wix Prices and Value for Money

No review of Wix would be complete without studying exactly what it’s actually going to charge you. For starters, it does not need to cost you something!
Wix has a completely free program as well as a total of seven premium plans, which range from $13 — $49 a month. There’s also a high-end small business solution named. The higher your plan, the more features you unlock, such as eliminating Wix ads and getting your own custom domain free for a year.
Wix additionally includes a two-week money-back guarantee, so if you don’t enjoy what you find, you can ask for a refund straight away.
Here’s a closer look at everything you get with each plan:

wix review pricing

The more higher up the plans that you go, the more features you receive (templates, apps, and support — more importantly!) Additionally, the longer you register for, the better value your plan will be.

By way of example, if you spend money on an individual or two-year plan upfront, you can save 25% and 43 percent each year.

It’s designed for small companies that demand company branding taken care of for them. You receive a free logo designed — normally worth $50 — and access to Ascend, Wix’s advertising tool.

Wix’s most popular plan, though, is its own Business Unlimited plans. Unsurprisingly, you receive unlimited bandwidth, along with access to all Wix’s most important help solutions, features, and apps. You can even build your own online shop with Wix’s superb eCommerce tools.

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Wix Review: Summary

Wix is a really awesome website builder, having an impeccable reputation and it is good for beginners. Its positive points are the easiness of usage, the amount, and overall qualities of its templates, as well as the official App Store, filled with free and premium apps that will enhance all sorts of websites. Last but not least, Wix can be used by virtually anybody, because it does not require any advanced tech skills, like programming.

However, it also has some things that may be looked at as setbacks, said in the section above. So, with this in mind, everybody should weigh all of its pros and cons prior to using this platform, read other reviews, take a look at other websites built with Wix and even test it before really using it, in order to get a better idea about this particular tool. However, it also contains some things which may be looked at as reverses, said previously in the section above.

Wix is not the most affordable on the listing of web site builders available on the current market, but that shouldn’t put you off. Together with Wix, you are paying for much more than a domain name plus some handy tools to build your site. You’re paying for the user-friendly platform that removes any need for you to have reasonable technical skills. Seriously, the hard work is best for you. You get what you pay for and also with Wix, that little more that you pay — which while not the lowest is by no means expensive — is well worth every cent.

So, with this in your mind, everyone should weigh all its pros and cons prior to utilizing this platform, read other testimonials, have a peek at other sites built with Wix as well as test it before really using it, to be able to have a clear idea about this tool.

It’s very easy to start with, and does not cost a dime. Bear in mind, all of Wix premium plans include a two-week money-back guarantee, no questions asked (although you can also use Wix free forever, if you want ).

Wix should not cost you anything besides half of an hour of the time, so give it a whirl! After all, that is the perfect approach to learn whether it is actually a good site builder for you.

Take me to Wix

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Is Wix legitimate?

Wix’s finest premium features just cost a couple of bucks per month. They are an excellent value — plus they will make your customers believe you have paid tens of thousands of dollars to get a custom site. We would recommend Wix to anybody seeking to develop a small business or personal site.

Why is Wix bad?

Wix sites load slower compared to those built on HTML (like WordPress) and this will lose those who do want to read about you. … AND with a slow loading site, you will be further penalized by search engines since they understand that your site offers poor user experience and they won’t want to vouch for it.

Is Wix actually free?

Wix is available for free for as long as you would like. Should you need professional features like your own domain or e-commerce, you have to pick from among their premium plans that range from”Combo” to”Business VIP”.

Why use Wix instead of hiring a web developer?

Since most web developers charge huge money for developing a website, with Wix, you are in charge of your own site. Not having to depend on other people means that you can make changes to your site when you want. It is an excellent method of feeling in command whilst simultaneously keeping prices down.

Does Wix Use WordPress?

Wix and WordPress are two different platforms that people use to make websites. Wix is an all-in-one solution where all is taken care of for you. WordPress is open source and functions as either a blogging system (WordPress.com) or a fully-fledged content management program (WordPress.org).

Do you have to pay for hosting using Wix?

The expense of hosting is included in your monthly payment. The same goes for your domain name and security. If you are on Wix’s free platform, you still don’t need to pay anything — although you will have a Wix subdomain and Wix adverts on your website.

Can you create multilingual sites on Wix?

Yes! Build a site in your main language, then once you are prepared, interpret it using Wix’s new tool — Wix Multilingual. Text, links, image backgrounds, SEO settings, and Wix Stores can be interpreted into a language that is secondary.

Can multiple individuals have access to a single Wix account?

Wix permits you to have several editors with different levels of authority. You could even set limits to ensure that some editors can’t access certain elements of your site. This is a very useful tool if you anticipate having a team that will assist you to handle, edit, or builds your site.


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