How to Start an Anonymous Blog

How to Start an anonymous Blog


An Introvert, aren’t you? A soul who wants to express his/her opinion to the world but fears the unnecessary judgment of the netizens can surely go for an anonymous blog. It’s the perfect way to express your opinion online yet maintaining the dignity of your personal information like name, location, face, and nationality. Starting an anonymous blog is a bit different from starting the normal one.

Here I’ll discuss all the steps required to create an anonymous blog that’s untraceable to your real-life identity. That means no one, especially the visitors, will get any personal information about your life. So bye-bye to those creepy online stalkers.

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It’s fun to keep yourself mysterious to others. The common question about starting an anonymous blog is, is it illegal to do so? Well if you ask me, that depends on a few factors such as your country’s legal policies. If something is illegal in your region then writing about it will eventually come with consequences even if the blog was anonymous. So keep that in mind.

But anonymous blogs aren’t illegal by themselves. You do not want to mention your personal details and blog. There’s nothing illegal about it. Now the question arises. Does it cost more than a normal blog? Is the setup process any different than creating a normal blog? Well, actually it is. You have to go through some extra steps for the “Hush hush” factor. You are willing to do it, right?

Don’t get overwhelmed now if you follow this article you will be able to start an anonymous blog within 30 minutes. Let’s get started with making you a dreamer to blogger.

Why anonymous

I know the Introverted part of you might get anxious just by the thought of putting yourself out there in the virtual world. You might also have solid reasons to stay anonymous other than self consciousness. The reasons might be–

Work conflicts
Maybe your profession doesn’t allow you to talk about certain topics liberally. It might affect your professional life. People might judge you on the wrong light. To separate your professional life from your blogging life, anonymity might be helpful.
Privacy issues
The celebrities not being able to have a private life are classic issues. Well bloggers are also celebrities. Some bloggers have a humongous fan following that might even make a celebrity feel jealous. But that also makes them open to strangers and risk factors associated with it. That is why a number of bloggers dont wanna put themselves out there to protect their privacy. Everyone has their own choice.
Security reasons
Fan followers might sometimes get so obsessed that results in insanity. In this case you don’t wanna let your phone number and personal email address fly on the world wide web freely. Do you ? To insecure your data security, starting an anonymous blog can be a great solution.
Sensitive subjects
Cultural,political,social and religious topics are way too sensitive. Even if your niche is not any of that, you can still get yourself in trouble if you offend someone through your blog. So to stay on the safe side you can hide your real identity as a precaution of any future events.
Imposter syndrome
Ever got that feeling that you don’t belong? We all face a certain level of anxiety and self doubt before starting something new. Cause we are an imposter at that phase. To deal with that syndrome you can hop on an anonymous blog until you get familiar with the territory. Now I’ll talk about 3 easy Macro steps to start your blogging career. Yes, it’s a profession now. Get serious.

Macro step-1: Technical setup

If you are wondering how to create an anonymous blog then first you have to follow a few technical steps and requirements. For the starter you will need the following instruments.

Equipment Needed

VPN helps to hide your IP address. Because with IP addresses it’s easy to track you in real life. Not so anonymous,right?

VPN is a simple software that offers you a list of IP addresses to choose from so that you can camouflage your real IP address and location. Even the ISP and the website visited by you will ever be able to trace your real IP address. Pretty cool, nah? On the other hand if you visit any website without VPN your IP address can be easily linked to your device.

So without VPN a single log in is more than enough to doom your anonymity role play. I’ll advise you not to do anything related to your blog if the VPN isn’t connected. To avoid legal difficulty, set your VPN location to liberal countries like Norway, Finland, New zealand. That’s the best way to avoid any future casualties.

Anonymous email address
After setting your VPN for the anonymity now you need an email address that is untraceable. Bear in mind you will use only this anonymous email ID to purchase domain and web hosting and other functions of your blog.

Try to provide untrue information for this email ID. like if your name is Katrina use only kat.

Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies
using credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, online wallets, and other media for payments will make the whole point of anonymity vague. These Modes of payments are called “fiat” modes. These are easily traceable and open to all.

If you need to learn how to start an anonymous blog you need to introduce yourself to another sort of currency for the payment. Here I present you ( drum roll ) cryptocurrencies or bitcoins. This is the most untraceable virtual wallet currency to purchase web hosts and other stuff to anonymous blogs.

So drop the idea of using the traditional payment method for an anonymous blog. It’s a complete no no for starting an anonymous blog. Cause this can be easily traced to your real identity.

You can use or Paxful to get your cryptocurrencies. I recommend over Paxful. Paxful takes a bit longer and requires texting with the seller.


A domain

having a domain name is like registering your blogging website. You can buy a domain name to get it for free for your web hosting solution for the initial period. Though many myself even believe that buying a domain name from a web hosting company is not a good idea.

So I rely on Namecheap. With a namecheap account you can grab a domain name in a shocking range of $6 and $15 . Don’t forget to enter the anonymous E-mail ID you created to buy a domain name. It’s a good practice to not provide a real name, location or anything for this sort of blog.

A server (hosting account)
to manage your domain name, website and uninterrupted blogging experience you need to purchase a web hosting account. It will provide you a solid platform to run your blogging activities.

To make blog anonymous

Let me give you a quick recap on how to start an anonymous blog. The steps are,

  1. Download and install a VPN
  2. Register an anonymous E-mail ID
  3. get Bitcoins
  4. get domain
  5. Get a web hosting solution

Step-1 Choose a Blogging Platform

There are many platforms where you can start a free blog. The paid option also comes with exciting features. Let’s find out the best way to start a blog. Choose for any following platform to start your blogging career.
it provides a blogging platform to easily publish your blogs. It comes with all the basics of classic wordpress. Choose it if you don’t aspire much from your blogs.
did you know and are different? Well they are. is self hosted that comes with an extensive option of customization. Monetization is also super easy on
in this blogging platform there’s no tracking. With the growth of its popularity I would recommend for short stories.
primarily it is not considered and marketed as an anonymous blogging platform. Though it offers some of the most top notch privacy features of all the blogging platforms on this list. You can surely use it for your anonymous blog.

Similar to wordpress ghost also come with the classic CMS of content developing and editing. Here you can do some advanced functions of blogging like SEO, monetization, theme selection etc.

It comes with Automatic SSL. so your data is safe and secure. For every 5 hour each IP address has to reset the login password. That tells how serious this platform is about data privacy.

no registration or social media sign in is required here. Comes with easy embeds. With this You can embed multiple images, Videos from YouTube and social media snippets from platforms like Twitter. It’s simple and fast.
Write as
write anonymously by creating a profile. You can share a variety of content short or long. It provides amazing online privacy to encourage and protect creativity. You can collaborate with other bloggers as well.Keep one thing in mind that its completely Ad-free so monetization might be difficult.

Step-2 Domain Name

After brainstorming where to start a blog let’s now choose a domain name for your blog. Before buying a domain name always consider the following facts.

domain names which are simple and easy to pronounce gets the most appreciation. Because the whole point of having a domain name was simplicity. Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of the domain name, tried to convert computer language into simple domain names so that everyone can understand and remember.

You want to put his years of work in vain by choosing a complex domain name? No, right ? so always go for the simplicity.

Two to three options
everyday a lot of trendy names suitable for domain names are getting registered. The numbers are increasing with time. So prepare yourself mentally there are chances that your dreamed domain name might not be available. So my advice is to have two more extra dreams. You know, just in case!
dont name something that doesn’t mean anything to you. Domain name will be related to you directly. So keep authenticity and relevance with your niche topic. With this people can understand the purpose of your blogs.

You can purchase domain in the following two options

  1. Domain selling site
  2. A web hosting solution

Domain name ideas

For beauty blogs
  • Beauty lab
  • Glamy Skin
  • Chic vanity

know more about the beauty blog starting process from my previous blog.

For food blogs

  • Bake culture
  • Bread engine
  • Cake it easy

For fashion blogs

  • Style engine
  • Fab spot
  • Club wardrobe

For travel blog

  • On the go
  • Holiday nomadish
  • Backpack express

For mom blog

  • Baby fuel
  • Mamma gram
  • Mamma spot

The names are cute right? Go on and start a mom blog if you want to.

Step-3 Purchase Domain & Hosting

Before even starting this process please make sure you have your VPN running. Otherways the whole process will go in vain. In this process we are going to use the Bitcoins that you purchased and the Namecheap account for the domain. Don’t worry if you haven’t bought a domain from you can surely buy it from your web hosting service.

There are a number of web hosting solutions available at the market right now. The top ones are,

As you are a beginner I’ll show you how you have to purchase an affordable web hosting. I’ll demonstrate with hostgator as it has one of the cheapest starting prices. But you can choose any of the above mentioned hosting solutions. The process remains quite the same. Now, let’s get into the real business.

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

Visit HostGator
First visit the official site of hostgator through your browser. I hope you have your VPN ( the invisibility cloak) on to make you untraceable.
Select a plan
go through the site and select a hosting plan. To know more about different hosting plans visit my previous blogs. For now I would recommend a hatchling plan from the shared web hosting option. It’s cheap and comes with all the necessary web hosting resources.

HostGator shared hosting

Enter a domain name
in here you have to enter the domain name which you registered with your anonymous email address.


Create a HostGator account
a real full name is necessary up here. But don’t worry this information is fully confidential. So no fear of leaking.

Create HostGator Account

Billing information
fill in the billing information and obviously without any doubt make the payment with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

HostGator Billing

Check out
now that all the information is given, review your cart and hit the check out button.

HostGator Checkout Page

Now that you have your web hosting solution running, it’s time to work on wordpress. The CMS platform is loved by millions of bloggers. Go to your web hosting dashboard or cPanel find a wordpress icon and do the following credentials.

  1. Choose the domain where you want to install WordPress
  2. Enter name, admin username, and password
  3. Click on ‘install now’

And boom you have your wordpress install ready to edit your first ever blog.

Step-4 Theme Selection

Appearances make a difference. As you are not putting yourself forward at least your blog and website should be pleasing enough. To draw the owh factor on your blog use unique themes.

  • Find “appearance”
  • Click “themes”
  • Then “add new”

And there you have it, the themes that will make you stand out from the millions of ordinary looking blogs.

Theme Recommendations

There are many free and paid themes ready to be installed from WordPress. Here are some of my favorite themes that I would like to recommend for sports blogging.

Free themes

Paid themes

Please know the fact that themes and their contents can affect the load time of your website.

Step-5 Installing Plugins

Plugins are the extra addons that serve for extra editorial benefits. You can install any plugin by going to “plugins> add new > upload plugin”. Some of the beneficial plugins for blogging are

One fact that many bloggers don’t know or forget often is plugins can slow your webpages. So choose wisely and install only those which you will actually use.

Step-6 Logo and Page Set Up

For an anonymous blog a stunning logo is a must. It represents your blog and will relate to you with visitors. You can also add some essential pages to make visitors know more about your intention.

About Page
in this page you can share your passion and goal for the blog. Utilise this page to eradicate the emptiness of your anonymous identity and give them a sense of connection.
Shop Page
If you intend to sell products from your blog then this page is a must. It will give your visitors the idea of products that you have and their prices or discount offer if any. This page generally comes with a big product widget for ease of navigation. With this, you can display all the products that you love and recommend.

Macro step-2: Creativity in Content

Now that all your setup is done for the blog let’s concentrate on the blog post itself. For a great blogging experience consider the following aspect before writing a blog.

Find your Target Audience

If you wanna just write for yourself then write in a diary. When blogging you have to consider the liking and disliking of your audience also. And this fact implies more if you wanna earn through your blogs.Think about who can relate with your niche more than right accordingly. For instance if you wanna start a mom blog then write as if you are talking with other moms.

Purpose of Blogging

Get clear on why. Why do you want to start a blog? If you are wondering how to start a blog and get paid then money is your purpose. Writing for a hobby and writing for monetization is two totally different things. Hence it requires a different level of action.

To earn money through blogs Deliver value to the audience. Consider their problems and provide solutions by promoting products and services. With the following measures you can make money through blogs.

Affiliate programs:
There are multiple vendors who are offering bloggers to promote their product and services. They give you affiliate links to share and for every sale through that link you get commission. A win win situation for everyone.
Display Ads:
display advertisement is another great way to make money only. You designate certain spaces for ads to appear on your blog and the vendors pay you for the promotion. When you collaborate with such program ads pop up between your blog and results in Passive income for you.
Sell digital products:
by far the most direct way of generating money online. Create digital products like E books, special contents and offers for your visitors.

Choose a Niche

Blogging is a life changing and overwhelming process. Sometimes you will feel like you wanna write about the whole world. But trust me, don’t submit to this commitment. As the search engines trust you more if you remain consistent with a single sort of topic. Though there ain’t any restrictions yet it’s weird when one day you write about power engines and the next day about make up products.

instead write only about make up products or power engines exclusively that will present you as an expert of that topic. And guess what everyone wants to hear an expert’s opinions. So choose a niche ( the topic you are passionate about and have knowledge ). Take a look at the following list and try to relate yourself with any niche.

  • Beauty
  • Sports
  • Photography
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Book
  • Fitness
  • Current affairs

Create Engaging Blog

After deciding your niche now, let’s write a blog for real. Remember your installed wordpress is waiting for you. Lets fill that new blog post bubble with your creative and passionate words.

Enter WordPress Dashboard
You can see this Dashboard after logging in.

wordpress dashboard

Click on “post”
the post section will allow you to edit the previous post ( if any ) and create a new post.

create post

Block to add content will appear
in this blank section you have to write and edit your post.

WordPress Editor

Arrange the content
when you are done with your writing review it for perfection.
Add media
to make your content attractive and entertaining add images, videos and infographics. Don’t bore your visitors to death with chunks of words.
Add links
links are referral votes in the eyes of search engines. Excellent inbound and outbound links can help you rank high in SERP ( search engine result page)
Preview and publish
finally preview your blog before hitting the publish button. Congratulations! You are a blogger now.

Work on SEO for Better Monetization

To get organic traffic on your site without paying a penny work on SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. Optimizing your content in such a way that search engines show that on their result page. To achieve that position your contents gotta have the following secret spices.

  1. Authenticity: plagiarism and copying others is a complete no no.
  2. Relevancy: keep you content relevant to the title
  3. Keywords: insert targeted keywords and keep the keyword density decent.
  4. Link building: always promote quality links in your content. It builds a healthy network.

Tips and Tricks

Tips specially for anonymous blog

  1. Use your first name only
  2. Use a photo or an avatar that has never been shared on your social media before
  3. Pay some extra penny for domain privacy protection
  4. Use a name that you’ve never used before
  5. Enable the “Kill-switch” on NordVPN.
  6. Turn on the auto-disconnect option for the Internet whenever the VPN connection drops in the background.
  7. While contacting support centres dont give real personal information.

Tips for all sorts of blog

  1. Maintain a Content calendar
  2. Keep the audience in mind
  3. Do research
  4. Outline the post
  5. Read it out loud
  6. Break down paragraphs
  7. Skim the content
  8. Provide Visual breaks

Macro step-3: Spread the Word through Social Media

Well if you want to start an anonymous blog and have social media connected to it then what’s the point? That doesn’t mean you can’t use social media for your blog promotion. You can have a New set of social media accounts solely dedicated to your blog promotion..Pinterest , google and SEO are also great ways of promoting your blogs.

Downsides of anonymous blog

As you are not coming forward to represent your blog there can be a number of disadvantages for that. The price for your anonymity can be.

  • Less credibility:
  • Forget all name name and fame
  • Risk of termination:
  • Making money is hard
  • Not 100% untraceable

People seek connection for connection. They build stronger connections when they can relate to your story. If you don’t give them a slice of your life they don’t connect with you well. That’s why Identified blogs are a fast route to success. At Least a picture and a real name can help them associate with you more easily.

Because according to human psychology If you know you can trust.


Do bloggers get paid?

Yes, but they don’t get paid monthly like the normal jobs. They make money through ads, affiliate commissions, paid promotions, and collaboration with different brands.

Can you blog with a fake name?

Yes you can use a fake name for blogging. Or you can use only you first name or a nickname. There is no issue with using a fake name until you do something illegal with that fake name.

Does WordPress allow anonymity?

Yes, wordpress allows anonymity. And it can provide top notch security and data privacy than most other blogging plat5.

Is it worth blogging in 2021?

It’s never too late to start blogging. It has been in the virtual world way before still, it has its set of audience. Besides, other contents might lose the hype in a few months and be forgotten. The blog stays on your websites with rigid content information.

Why do blogs fail?

There might be several reasons for a blog to fail. The common one is not creating engaging content. Plus discontinuity of blogging also adds to the failure of blogs. when one gets distracted from their blogging objectives the blog doesn’t last long.

What are the alternatives to blogging?

Besides blogging you can try video creation, podcasting, design charts, and graphics, etc.

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Final Words

Though I’ll advocate for a public blog for faster growth. Still the final call depends on you. Or you can try an anonymous blog until you get comfortable with your Own online skin. Then you can take that leap of faith. Personally I feel Blogging helps in personal growth. It’s a lifetime experience. It builds your confidence and helps in building your mindset and opinion. So you should never hesitate on starting one. Public or anonymous.

Remember the Golden rule for anonymous blogs is “always” be connected to your VPN. To avoid pictures referring to your social media use stock photos.I like Unsplash for free stock photos. No Matter how you blog publicly or anonymously be yourself that’s the most satisfying part.

If you are all geared up now to start a blog then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind hitting that share button; would you? Happy blogging.

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