How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

Is your life no less than page 3? Do you have an interesting life and tons of inspiring activities? Then my friend you should really start a lifestyle blog. You will be surprised to know the potential your everyday routine has just by sharing it with the world. That’s where the question arises: how to start a blog?

Don’t mix up a lifestyle blog with a personal blog. The first hurdle of lifestyle blogging is identifying what separates it from other blogs such as personal blogs. To separate it from a personal blog, think in that way that in a personal blog you are merely sharing a glimpse of your life. It’s centered towards you only.

But the scenario switches to a lifestyle blog. Here you have to add value to your customer. Give them something inspiring and exciting to look up to. In a nutshell, teach them how to live, what to buy and where to go.

Just a gentle reminder, Unlike other blogs lifestyle blogs, can touch genres like fashion, travel, grooming, decorating, design, and what not. Here I’ll discuss how to start a lifestyle blog for free in 3 macro steps. But first let’s swipe the confusing fog floating around your head with my favorite section, the myth busters.

Myth Busters

The common myths that we all have been hearing about blogging and the real case scenario are

Blogging is Expensive
No honey! It’s not. There are tons of free blogging sites. And if you don’t wanna start with cheap shots then even the premium starting won’t cost you more than $10-$15.
Blogging is Hard
You can compose a simple sentence? Bingo! First stage pass for blog post writing. The hush-hush secret of the blogging industry is the simpler the better.
Confusing Setup
The way I’m going to explain to you how to start a lifestyle blog and make money will make you feel like the technical step-up of blogging is easy peasy lemon squishy.
A Small Blog is a Lost Project
Small blogs can perform well if it’s informative, entertaining and authentic. In fact, they sell like hotcakes (literally) as people don’t have time for longer blogs.
Using WordPress is Hard
Have you ever tried it by yourself? Just go on a WordPress dashboard and tell me what looks tough to you. You will have a hard time finding it, I guess.
Web Hosting Costs a Lot
Average web hosting solutions start with $2-$3. Should I advocate more about why it’s not expensive? It’s less than the price of a big mac burger. Let’s not talk about food. I’ll get carried away. I’ve to finish telling you how to start a lifestyle blog.

Macro step-1: Technical setup

In this segment, I’m giving you a To-Do list of all the technical requirements for starting a lifestyle blog.

Equipment Needed

No knight is ready without his shining armor. To start a blog you will need equipment like–

  • Camera
  • Lights
  • Desktop or laptop
  • Photoshop
  • A website

Step-1 Choose a Blogging Platform

There are tons of virtual platforms available now. Different platforms come with their own pros and cons. Some are free and some will humbly hint at your wallet. The choice is yours. You can choose from.

Among all these, I’ll recommend It is self-hosted and gives a praiseworthy level of customization.

Step-2 Domain Name

For your blog the domain name is the virtual identity. Make sure its

  • Simple
  • Authentic
  • Catchy
  • Memorable
  • Brandable

A pro tip here is the availability of your desired domain name can be tough. So always have 3-6 backup options in the back of your head. You can purchase domain names from.

  1. Domain selling site
  2. A web hosting solution

Domain name ideas

Here I’m listing some trendy names for your lifestyle blog. You don’t have to copy, just get inspired. Happy brainstorming.

Step-3 Purchase Domain & Hosting

One of the big stepping stones of your how-to start a lifestyle blog journey is probably purchasing a domain. From my experience, I’ve seen a bunch of people giving up in this sector. This task is nothing but overhyped. Purchasing a web hosting plan is easy and essential for uninterrupted blogging.

There are web hosting solutions like A2 hosting, Dreamhost, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. To demonstrate the process of purchasing a plan I’m showing Bluehost this time. Because it is beginner-friendly.

Visit Bluehost
For this process first you have to visit the Bluehost website from your browser or just simply click here it will take you to the official site.
Select a Plan

Here you will see different options for web hosting. Shared web hosting is perfect for blogging purposes so click on that.

Bluehost Web HostingIn shared hosting you will get 4 options to choose from. If you are not at your growth phase or switching from other sorts of blog to lifestyle blog i’ll recommend to purchase the basics.

Bluehost Shared Hosting

Domain Setup
Enter your existing domain or create one. You can also postpone this task for later and continue purchasing the plan.

Create a new domain or use a domain you own

Create a Bluehost Account

This step is nothing but providing bluehost some basic information about you.

Create Bluehost account

Package Information
Here you can have a look at what you have added to your cart and also you can decrease and increase the time range of your plan. A quick note here is there will be 2 add ons selected by default to your plan. You can tick them off if you are not willing to pay for this.

Bluehost Package Information

Fill up the payment information and Finally scroll down a little and hit the submit button to place your order.

Bluehost Payment Information

And ka-boom you have a web host now. Remember domain name work? purchase it or enter one because we gonna need this to enter your WordPress account. The process of installing WordPress is,

  1. Choose the domain where you want to install WordPress
  2. Enter name, admin username, and password
  3. Click on ‘install now’

Step-4 Theme Selection

Though at the beginning it is not something to be super conscious about yet having an appealing theme can draw attention of visitors. To apply a theme you need to,

  1. Find “appearance”
  2. Click “themes”
  3. Then “add new”

Themes of a lifestyle blog should be exciting and sleek. Here are some of my top choices.

Free themes

Paid themes

Step-5 Installing Plugins

Plugins are the extra features that can add value to your experience of blogging. The dirty secret here is they also might slow down your blog site. So you should always have only those plugins which you are actually going to use. For starting I’ll recommend–

Step-6 Logo and Page Set Up

Close your eyes for a moment and try to recall the logo of Starbucks. Was it tough? Here is my point. Logos can be the symbolic representation of your brand. Helping you to connect with the audience.

Also, step up the following web pages to make interacting with visitors smooth as butter. [Criminal undercover, hot like summer. Have you heard “butter” by BTS ?]. Anyway Getting carried away again let’s just stick to the page setup. You need to rewrite and optimize your–

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Shop page [if you are willing to sell something]

Macro step-2: Creativity in content

Now that you know all the technical steps of how to start a lifestyle blog, let’s address the essentials of the content sector of your blog.

Find your Target Audience

The tricky part of how to start a lifestyle blog is selecting its target audience. If you have had a blogging site before and want to switch now to lifestyle blogging then analyze what your audience wanted more from you. Which age group, gender, or professional style you attract the most. Target them as your audience.

Purpose of Blogging

After setting your target audience now let’s think about you. Obviously, you have set some expectations for your blog. What are they? What do you want to achieve from your blogs? Sit in a cozy chair and brainstorm these questions.

Well, I’ll be honest with you blogging requires a lot of time and effort ( i mean a lot ). So eventually you will lose interest if it’s not rewarding you with something. That’s why most bloggers try to earn through their blogs in the following ways.

Affiliate Programs:
affiliate programs are marketing programs where you directly or indirectly promote and suggest products to your visitors through your blogs. They provide you with a special link. When a visitor clicks on that link and buys a product you get a commission. Top affiliate programs for lifestyle blogs are–

Direct ads are another way of generating money through blogs. These ads look like clickable banners and you can attach them to your blogs to earn extra bucks.
Sell Products
It is always a great idea to sell your own products on your blogging site. You can generate merchandise, digital products, special courses and content.

Choose a Niche

Niche is the topic that you will cover in your blog posts. It’s like a content forte or genre. You should decide your niche before starting a blog. Because if you start writing about anything and everything that will harm your reputation in the eyes of visitors and search engines. Instead, if you maintain a niche search engine, as well as visitors, will also see you as an expert of that particular niche. For a lifestyle blog your niche could be–

  • Health
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Parenting
  • Self-improvement
  • Professional Development
  • Life Hacks
  • Mental health awareness

Create Engaging Blog

Now the main function of how to start a lifestyle blog. The blog itself. Try to make it as engaging as possible. The tone of a lifestyle blog should be casual as if you are talking to your friend. If you are going to write your blog post on WordPress then the following steps can help you to compose a post.

I always write my post first in another writing medium such as google docs then transfers it to wordpress for composing and final edit. To do that first–

Enter WordPress dashboard
From the web host dashboard, you will find a WordPress icon. Click on that and the WordPress dashboard will appear.

wordpress dashboard

Click on “post”
Scroll a little down and you will find the posts option. Click here to add a new post.

create post

Block to Add Content will Appear
When you click on to add new a block of content will appear where you can edit your post. Something like this.

WordPress Editor

Arrange the content:
In this page, you can now arrange your content. Do the necessary editing, add table, accordion, chart, graphs everything that will convey your message to the audience.
Add media
Adding media to your content makes your blog look more attractive. So feel free to add relevant pictures, videos, graphics, animation, and infographics.
Add links
Linking affects the final performance of SEO. you should attach inbound links and outbound links as required.
Preview and publish
Finally have a look at your edited post and if you are satisfied with your work hit the publish button.

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes coming up with new post ideas can be difficult. Dont worry i got your back. Here are some blog post ideas to complete your knowledge of how to start a lifestyle blog.

  • An important life lesson you’ve learned recently
  • Your morning routine
  • Your idea of “the perfect day
  • Grocery haul
  • Top 10 TV series
  • Your favorite books
  • Your fitness routine
  • Your dream job
  • Your favorite phone apps
  • A monthly must-haves post
  • Top 10 favorite movies
  • Travel bucket list
  • Favorite childhood memory
  • Favorite restaurants
  • Top 5 beauty products of all time
  • Monthly goals

Work on SEO for Better Monetization

Search engine optimization. Ever heard of it? That’s going to be one of the prime goals when you start blogging. Only this method can bring you the most amount of organic traffic in the least amount of money. (actually no money at all). When you master this method of content development your blogs will rank high in SERP.

To achieve that keep your blogs authentic, maintain the right density of keywords, have link networks and be informative. Soon you will enjoy the sweet fruit of organic traffic.

Tips and Tricks

I’m still exploring the path of blogging from my years of experience. I can give you some quick tips to make your blog a success.

  • Maintain an editorial calendar
  • Keep the audience in mind while writing
  • Do research, don’t give false information
  • Outline the post before writing
  • Break down paragraphs in small sections
  • Skim the content
  • Give Visual breaks like images and videos
  • Read it out loud to find errors

Macro step-3: Spread the Word through Social Media

Promote, promote, promote as much as you can. Social media is the perfect platform to promote your blogs. Use appropriate hashtags to go along with your lifestyle blog. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube are amazing platforms to promote lifestyle blogs.

Top Inspiring Lifestyle Blogs

Follow the industry giants and take inspiration to do better.

A Cup of Jo [ ]
Sincerely Jules [ ]
Color Me Courtney [ ]


Do bloggers get paid?

Yes, but they don’t get paid monthly like the normal jobs. They make money through ads, affiliate commissions, paid promotions, and collaboration with different brands

Which type of lifestyle blog makes the most money?

Lifestyle blogs that advertise products, honest reviews, and recommendations make the most money. As the niche allows them to engage in affiliate marketing programs and ad campaigns.

Is it worth blogging in 2021?

It’s never too late to start blogging. It has been in the virtual world way before still, it has its set of audience. Besides, other contents might lose the hype in a few months and be forgotten. The blog stays on your websites with rigid content information.

Why do blogs fail?

There might be several reasons for a blog to fail. The common one is not creating engaging content. Plus discontinuity of blogging also adds to the failure of blogs. when one gets distracted from their blogging objectives the blog doesn’t last long.

What are the alternatives to blogging?

Besides blogging you can try video creation, podcasting, design charts, and graphics, etc.

Final Words

Is your life something to envy about? You wanna share your thoughts? How to start a lifestyle blog starts with your interests and ends with your skills. Find a perfect combination of your interest and skill and add your unique spin. Hoping to see your success story soon. Comment down below what are your blogging goals and hesitations. Happy blogging.

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